NCAA reduces penalties on Rebnecks

Bowl ban remains, recruiting restrictions eased.

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First complaint about going easy on them in 3, 2, 1…

Just shows you again how WEAK the NCAA is on this stuff. Can’t stand Ole Piss!!!

Right on cue…

And I don’t disagree with you, let’s make that clear.

The NCAA has made it clear…cheating is not a priority on their agenda. The Ole Miss program was all in on cheating from academic fraud to paying players…They missed a couple of bowl games, so what…most of the bowls nobody watches anyway except for the fans of the playing schools.

Ole Miss gained much more than they lost by cheating. They were actually relevant for 3-4 years.

At least Ole Miss did receive some sanctions. North Carolina got nothing…nothing.

The stuff I do not understand is how Miss State is clear of this. They have players that turned Ole Miss in and I’m gonna guess aren’t squeaky clean. Go figure.

It’s all ridiculous. Other than having a moral compass, there’s really no incentive to not cheat rampantly. The NCAA refuses to police the system. I’m convinced they don’t want to do to much and induce challenges to be whole “amateur” system.

Tells me we need to do what we must to compete .

The NCAA keeps marching closer to sealing their own death penalty…

But, is it cheating if everyone is doing it, and the NCAA practically does nothing about it?

Obviously some sarcasm there, but in reality, there’s some actual merit to it.

The NCAA is practicing what they will have to do in basketball. Nothing! Spineless bunch of rich jerks. The real issue with the NCAA is they fail to enforce rules they have written. No standards and that’s what is so shameful. Failing to enforce the penalties they impasses on Ole Miss is no surprise.

Well the more the NCAA basically turns a blind eye &/or hands down menial sanctions, the more it’s going to entice other coaches/programs to try their luck.
But what is most likely going to happen, while the major programs from big power 5 conferences keep getting slaps on the wrists, some FBS school will get the book thrown at them by the NCAA just to make a statement. Since they don’t provide a lot of revenue anyway.