NCAA ratifies new Constitution - path to restructuring

That’s only the beginning. There’s a Division I transformation committee, led by Greg Sankey and our former interim AD Julie Cromer, that will decide where D-1 goes from here. And their work will likely take months, and will define the new landscape in college sports.

I don’t have any feel at all with where this is going.

They have a tightrope to walk. The schools want one thing, the federal courts want something else. Give the schools what they want, somebody files a lawsuit and wins, and they’re back in reactive mode.

As one article today pointed out, D-1 is three roughly equal sized groups: FBS, FCS and non-football. Can you balance the interests of all three? Should you even try?

Any committee with Julie Peoples on it is a non-starter to me. She hired Chuck Norris hammer down. I wouldn’t hire her to manage a Wendy’s.


It was honestly one of the worst hires in the history of college football.

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And now she gets a say in how D1 goes on from here? As you like to say, Notorious…mercy.

I don’t have too many brain cells left, sure not going to waste the ones I have worrying about anything associated with the NCAA.#nuffsaid


This is what it boils down to.

“The wealthiest and most powerful football-playing conference, such as the SEC and the Big Ten, do not want to be held back from spending their riches on athletes. Much of the rest of Division I worries about how to keep up”.



Stacy Lewis? What does a golfer have to do with hiring a FB coach? Did you mean Bev Lewis? No, that can’t be right either. She retired in 2014 and Left-lane was hired in 2017.

I have that wrong. Stacy helped recommend Hunter. My mistake. I corrected it above.

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Well now. That was a good recommendation (for the most part.)

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For sure.

Yes Stacy’s hubby worked for HY at Cougar High as I recall.

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From what I’ve been told, Stacy Lewis was in the room when Joe Steinmetz interviewed Hunter Yurachek. The interview took place in Yurachek’s office at Houston on a Saturday morning and the Razorbacks played a basketball game against the Cougars that night. I think they were the only three in the room. She knew Yurachek through her husband, who was the golf coach at Houston.

Different members of the AD search committee sat in on other interviews.

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Hunter has been a great hire…


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