NCAA President Mark Emmert ... interesting article

Here is the entire article in case you wish to read it. Its a pretty
brief story. … ore_pub-ap

Two of the comments that jumped out at me were concerning the
basic non-punishment handed to North Carolina. One comment from
President Mark Emmert and the other from the Knight Commission
co-chair Arne Duncan.

Mark – “…the NCAA’s failure to punish North Carolina for academic violations was unpopular, although he declined to criticize the infractions committee that said it “could not conclude” the school committed academic violations.”

Arne – “…the NCAA was prevented by a “loophole” from punishing the school.”

I’d be interested to hear more about this loophole.

NCAA rules are written to cover things that give a school a competitive advantage, including extra benefits that other students don’t get. Since UNC opened the joke AAS classes to non-athletes, they couldn’t nail them for providing extra benefits to athletes that other students can’t get. For example, athletes at Army, Navy and Air Force all get paid to go to school, but so do all the other academy students, so it’s not an extra benefit.