NCAA Opponent Yard per Play

Here is the rank for opponents yards per play. Seems to be a good measure of overall defense as it eliminates items such as time of possession variances. Here are the stats and ranks for SEC teams.

Alabama 3.8 (1)
Florida 4.1 (5)
LSU 4.4 (6)
Auburn 4.8 (18)
Georgia 4.9 (24)
S Carolina 5.3 (39)
A&M 5.4 (48)
Vandy 5.7 (68)
Tennessee 5.7 (70)
Miss St 5.7 (73)
Missouri 5.9 (82)
Ole Miss 5.9 (87)
Kentucky 6.1 (94)
Arkansas 6.7 (125)

There are 128 teams in total.

Eye opening. Shameful with so many returning starters.

If that was the only stat that mattered, it would be shameful. But, it ain’t.

Did anyone say that was “the only stat that matters”?

You started a thread about it. You must think it is a big deal.

We’re still last in the country in yards per rush allowed. But last night actually lowered the margin. We had a wide margin over Cal last week, but now it’s down to 6.30 ypc to us and 6.28 ypc for Cal, which gave up nearly 300 yards to Stanford last night including a 90-yarder.

Stats in a vacuum are fairly meaningless. We’ve won 7 of 11 games. In the games we’ve lost, our defense really got gashed; LSU was the only team to beat us scoring less than 40. We’ve won three games where we allowed more than 30 points, but we still won. And LSU’s stats were inflated by a 96-yard run in garbage time.

I don’t know. I might be in the minority but when your team is last or near last in at least one third of the phases of football, it’s a pretty big deal. It likely means your team will not win some games it might have won if say the team was ranked near the median. Plus, it puts a ton of pressure on the other two phases.

Not sure who your post was aimed at, but if it was me, I agree. Our poor defense is a big deal.

I just don’t don’t think it’s the only deal. I always thought this was an 8-9 win team. It appears that’s where we are going to end up.

The defense concerns me, but I am also able to see positives in the team’s ability to piece together some solid wins.

Obviously, you cannot take out the four losses in which we gave up 1,563 yards rushing on 179 (8.7 yards per rush), we have given up 613 rushing yards in seven wins on 164 carries (3.7 per rush, which would rank in the low 20s nationally). Naturally, that would be skewed by the 12 yards given up to Florida. It shows what our defense is capable of doing, which may make the four losses even more unbearable. Obviously, something has to change, whether it’s the scheme or the staff. *

  • I hope I figured those numbers right. Not a statistician but love stats.

This comparison can be unreliable because passing always averages higher yards per play than rushing does (in the whole of college football). Teams in pass-heavy leagues will be on the lower end of the yards allowed per play comparison.

That of course makes Arkansas’s situation all the weirder.