NCAA nightmare coming to fruition

Suppose Florida Atlantic and Miami both win.

Not really very favorable for media regional coverage. Both fan bases are from a small area.

I love it!!!

That’s what I’m rooting for… give the little guys their day in the sun!!

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Not agreeing this is the NCAA’s worst nightmare, but I did get free front row tix to Monday night’s game on my Wal Mart receipt when I stopped to buy beer tonite.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He11 guess I jinxed em… lost on a buzzer beater. Poor FAU

Must have been a good day at the lot!

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I’m not sure UConn v San Diego State attracts a big crowd either

I imagine the media moguls- those paying mega millions for the ‘rights’ to telecast the Big Dance- were getting a bit nervous at the thought of an East Coast only finals. I would have been stunned to see SDS lose this game, and all those West Coast TV eyeballs. UConn has certainly looked the part of a Champion in this year’s Dance. I would smile if they could put a 20+ beat down on SDS. Both of these teams play very good defense, so it’s who is hot from deep and making a high percent of their FT’s. FAU was way better than I thought when the Dance card was released. SDS, we knew first hand that they are real good, and UConn, well, what took you so long.

FAU is not a big brand name but they sit in the middle of 9 plus million people within a 40 mile radius and most have adopted the team. It will interesting to see the TV ratings.

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NCAA’s raking in the cash no matter what. I doubt it matters who’s in the NCG

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