NCAA nails Notre Dame football

Academic misconduct involving a student trainer, who was deemed to be a university employee for purposes of the infractions case. ND stripped of 21 football wins which included players who should have been academically ineligible because the student trainer did their coursework for them. Notre Dame’s president criticized the decision, obliquely referring to the North Carolina phony-class case in which the Heels largely got off scot-free.

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Was it stripped of the fake girlfriend hoax, too?

Phony academics in college sports? When did this become frowned on?

Only if you get caught these days which most dont , was status quo in the 70’s - 80’s.

Does it include a post season ban?
I guess North Carolina can get by with it and nobody else can! Louisville got by with a lot and a slap on the hand for hookers for recruits!

I think the difference between NC and Notre Dame is NC offered the bogus classes to the entire student body. Notre Dame had a single person doing work for athletes.


Not disputing what you say as being accurate, but what kind defense was that for UNC? They pride themselves on being a top tier public institution and to save their sports team from the punishment it deserves, they admit to having bogus classes for the general student body. Wonder how they explain this to the academic rating and accreditation folks. I am sure they have another convenient answer. The NCAA is such a fraud and likely do not understand that by how they manipulate the power and responsibility they have (which they think is protecting the interest of the NCAA) they very likely are ultimately damaging it. Kind of like the kid glove treatment the various conferences give their blue bloods in officiating and enforcement.

I see differences. Notre Dame was never going to dodge this. The deal at North Carolina calls into question the NCAA certification process. North Carolina did a lot of things wrong here, but I see Notre Dame as being far more serious. I also think the NCAA had some trouble deciding where it drew the line in the whole process of deciding if a course was really a course. Is that the NCAA’s job?

I know you are well more versed and qualified to discuss such topics, but in my old school mentality hiding behind technicalities, which it seems UNC is doing still goes against the mission of the NCAA, which among its many responsibilities is ensuring fair play. I know the Harbaugh’s, Saban’s,Calipari’s Belicheck’s (sp) mindset and many others see it smart to creatively use the rule book, but guess I am more a “spirit” of the law guy than a letter of the law guy. Seems the world works better when we spend more time trying to do right than spending the time on trying to redefine right or how to bend it a bit.

I agree. Basically, UNC sold their Academic soul to protect their football program.