NCAA men's golf day 3

Late in the round, we’re in 7th place, largely by staying still while others fell. The Ocean Scum is 13 over today; we’re -1. William Buhl is -2, Luis Garza -1. Overstreet and Reeder are +1, Alvaro Ortiz is the noncounter at +4. We’re five shots inside the cut line, and just as important we’re in position to make the second cut tomorrow for 8-team match play.

There are 7 SEC teams in the top 15, led at the moment by Vandy in fourth. Duke shot -12 today to take the lead.

Gave back a couple of shots but still tied for ninth, four shots inside the cutline. Overstreet is already through at +1, others on 17 and 18.

However, the second group of teams is still very early in the round and some teams could go low. Or go high. Nobody in the late group is under par at this point.

Brigham Young is in last place. The Cougars won’t play on Sunday, in anything, because of LDS beliefs, so they had to play two rounds yesterday. Their second round was +24. Ouch.

Now solo 9th with one player left on the course.

We were paired today with AzState and UNC. Neither one of those will make the cut. We did. Beating the Devils by 7 shots and the Heels by 9.

Ouch. Tyson Reeder made a snowman on 18 and we have to count it. Dropped us from 9th to 12th. Still made the cut by 3 shots though

AzState ended up making the cut unless somebody in the late group catches them. Iowa State has the best chance of doing that, one shot back with lots of holes left.

Looks like we’ll be 11th at day’s end. And UNC looks like the last team to make the cut, unless Iowa State starts making a bunch of eagles.

That 8 for Reeder on 18 took us from 9th to 11th. Four shots out of the top 8 starting Monday’s round.