NCAA men's golf day 2 update

Hogs -1 for the day at Stillwater, currently solo 22nd at +7. I believe the cut after tomorrow will be top 15; if so, we’re four shots out of that. But it’s still early. We’re playing holes 3-6 now. Alvaro Ortix is -2, Tyson Reeder is -1. Overstreet and Buhl are +2, Garza is even.

Hogs putting on a charge. Now -7 for the day, tied for sixth. Reeder and Ortiz are both -3.

Gave a couple of strokes back but now tied for ninth. Reeder is -3, Ortiz -2 and Garza -1.

We gave back all those strokes on the back nine. Now +1 for the day, tied for 14th on the final holes of the round.

Finished +1, still T14. Six shots out of top 8 which is where we need to be Monday.

Swine could you or wizard post the link on here that has the leaderboard?

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Thank you swine!

What you have to memorize (if you don’t bookmark it) is “golfstat”. The site is, and if you go there the first page always has links to all the major college tournaments that are going on at the time, for men or women.