NCAA men's golf Columbus regional, day 3

Tee times moved up 30 minutes, presumably because of weather concerns. Hogs are already -2 and have moved into a 5th-place tie with East Tennessee State (remember top 5 advance to nationals; if there’s a tie for 5th place at the end of today’s round, there will be a playoff). Luke Long and Segundo Pinto are both -1.

We’re paired with ETSU and Clemson today (Clemson started out the round in fourth place).

Quick update because things changing quickly. Hogs are 4 under on the back nine (started at 10) and have moved into a third place tie with Clemson. The host Suckeyes have dropped from third to fifth; ETSU has dropped from fifth to sixth. Pinto is -2 to lead the Hogs so far.

Yesterday Perico had that one hole that bit him and cost the team. Hopefully none of that from anyone today. Go Hogs!

Is this televised/streamed anywhere?


Currently we’re tied for 4th/5th with ETSU with Clemson and Duke a shot back. The front nine is not starting well; currently we’re +4 from holes 1-3.

After making a triple on 15 yesterday, Perico made double today. That hole seems to have gotten in his head.

That makes sense, I imagine that juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

At this time, our golfers are on holes 11-14 and are in 4th place, 4 strokes ahead of 6th place…which is the number to watch. As SF has noted in previous posts, being in the top 5 is all that matters. That group moves on to the National Tournament, and the rest do not (although some individuals not on those teams may).

The team totals don’t necessarily match with the individual scores. As of 10:44 am, individual scores add up to -2 for today, but the team scores have not changed to reflect that; it shows +1 for today (yes we’ve made several birdies in the last few minutes, including one that doesn’t even count because Perico is our throw-out score at the moment).

But Wiz’s summary is correct as of now. In fourth place, four shots ahead of sixth.

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It’s looking even better. Our guys are playing holes 14-17 and we have a five-shot cushion over ETSU and the Jellycats, who are tied for sixth. Kentucky is surging (-4 today), ETSU is fading. The Cats are only one shot behind Northwestern in fifth (could be an all-Wildcat playoff for that last spot).

One Hog already off the course, and a 7-shot cushion over UK, Duke and Clemson (ETSU has rallied back into fifth; Northwestern slipped to T-ninth). One of those three would have to go on a birdie binge or we’d have to implode.

Really good shape now. Two golfers in the clubhouse, two on 18, Perico on 17.

2 teams would have to rally by a number of strokes on final holes to knock us out.

3 shots clear of ETSU, but they could only bump us to 5th which still qualifies. Clemson is 5 back and in the same pairings, Duke is 7 back with their groups on the final holes as well. Kentucky has most opportunity, but not likely to get back 9 strokes on us.

Luke Long is in the clubhouse too. Only two Hogs on the course, and a six shot cushion over Clemson. And one of those still on the course is Perico, who won’t count today anyway. So if Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira doesn’t completely blow up on the 9th hole, we’re in. (Mateo is -2 today anyway, tied for our best round with Pinto).

Final 7 holes of the day may well prove to be the difference. Hogs with a LOT of pars over that stretch, sprinkled in with 5 birdies and 1 bogey.

Par is your friend.

Golf Channel will cover the nationals, but this week they’re focused on the PGA at Southern Hills.

Mateo parred #9, Perico is playing #9 and he doesn’t count. And Clemson is now 7 back.

Arkansas’s team score is final for the day, given Perico’s will be dropped.

-3, which is tied for lowest team score today.

7 shots clear of 6th place.

Yep. Not only that, but even if Clemson started making eagles, we’ll still be ahead of ETSU. Thus fifth at worst.

And Clemson only has one guy still on course too. Kentucky is the only one with enough time to start making eagles and make a run, and they’re 10 back.

Yes, we’re in. So are:

A&M (third on their home course)
Auburn and Ole Miss (2nd and 3rd in Norman)
Vandy and Florida (1st and 3rd in Palm Beach)

LSU was tied for 5th late in the round at Stockton, CA with Denver U.

South Carolina finished sixth and Misery finished 10th in Norman; Tennessee finished seventh at TAM, Kentucky wound up 9th in Columbus,

Of local note, UALR finished sixth at Palm Beach but did not really challenge to qualify (11 shots back of Hogmaestro’s CofC team). But they beat Purdue and Notre Dame.

Excellent news!!!

LSU slipped out of the top 5; so did Denver. Liberty grabbed the last spot there.