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After watching Duke get beat by Wake Forest it shows that anybody can beat you!
After hearing about the APR troubles of Detroit Mercy and their post season ban handed being upheld by the NCAA I’m wondering when the harsh penalties are coming down on the Power 5 Programs from The FBI scam?
The players currently at Detroit Mercy had nothing to do with the APR issues yet they are being punished.
By the time the NCAA comes down on the cheaters all the players involved will be in the NBA or overseas and the coaches involved will still be smiling and cheating with nothing done.

APR is easy to enforce. Either the program shows academic progress or it doesn’t and there is no investigation needed. Even though the NCAA was handed the case against those schools by the FBI, it still has to be investigated and people can lie or stonewall.

The deadline for Kansas to respond to the NCAA allegations was last week (the 19th). Assuming that they did respond on time, the NCAA has 60 days to review the response. Then a hearing will be set.

The NCAA is not law enforcement. They can only touch people enrolled in college or working for one. Arizona bought Ayton but he’s long gone to the NBA. The most they could do is get Sean Miller fired. And of course hammer the program he left behind.

The good news is that the success rate for NCAA coaches moving to the pros is not good. Eddie Munster has done well. So has Brad Stevens. But John Beilein only lasted half a season in Cleveland. Calipari failed miserably. And there are others. So you can hope that Bill Self fails spectacularly after he’s run out of Lawrence.

When will they be punished? NEVER. The NCAA cares more about money and ratings than rule enforcement. DM got nailed because thier small time and don’t bring in money or ratings. Look at the cheaters in our own Conference. Howland, Pearl, Calipari, and everyone’s favorite Will Wade. Wade and LSU gave the NCAA the middle finger and dared them to do something about it. Of course the NCAA rolled over for them. Do we learn? Do we bend the rules even a little? No. We are literally scared to death of the NCAA. Why? Go ask Dudley, Clay, or Swiney. I have no idea.

My hope is that lying-Bill gets what is coming to him for his treatment of ORU, Tulsa, and Illinois.

The easy to tell if Bill Self is Lying is too look and see if his lips are moving!
The issue with Detroit Mercy and Other small schools they got swift punishment and the post season ban was upheld upon appeal! Emmitt and his staff are a laughing stock. The federal government is pretty slow. Several federal trials are over with the sent sentencing phase complete and the NCAA keeps dragging their feet!
If Kansas wins the National Championship that might as well forget this season ever happened!
What a joke for enforcement!

Former Penn head coach who is now an assistant in the NBA gets a 15 year show cause form the NCAA! Let see if any other head coach get hit that hard!

The Penn coach was hit in the rich-parents-buying-their-kids-into-schools deal that got actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. He took money to get a kid into Penn as a hoops recruit who couldn’t play.

Longest show-cause for any other head coach I’ve found was Dave Bliss after he got caught paying tuition for two Baylor players because he was out of scholarships, and then accused one of the players (who had been murdered) of selling drugs to pay his tuition to cover his own sorry butt. Bliss got 10 years in 2005. But he’s never been hired again by any NCAA school; his last coaching job was at a high school in Las Vegas.

Self is charged with failure to control his assistants. Kevin Ollie at UConn faced a similar charge and got a three-year show-cause. But Ollie wasn’t accused of buying players; that was a FaceTime video with an NBA star and lying to the NCAA about off-campus workouts with a trainer. If Ollie got three years for that, it’s conceivable that Self could get more. Remember, too, that Self is 57 years old. Is somebody gonna hire him again in five years when he’s 62? Bliss is apparently untouchable.

Bill Self, Will Wade, Bruce Pearl, and Sean Miller should all get the boot with a show cause!
If Pearl gets another show cause he will become untouchable.

Going back to OP, with 1:21 left in regulation Duke had a 97.3 percent chance of winning that game at Wake according to BPI. And didn’t. Lost to the #103 team in NET, #127 in RPI. It’s not Dook’s worst loss of the year; Stephen F. Austin at home still holds that title, and will, since nobody else on the schedule will be that bad (including their first round NCAA opponent probably). But it’s real hard to go from 97.3% chnce of winning to zero.

I enjoyed watching Duke get beat!
Wake has just enough juice to get it done.

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