NCAA Matchups Ark V. Vmt and Conn Vs NM ST

If I look at the KenPom data, everything certainly points to NM State being a worse team than Vermont.

Vermont is 59 in Kenpom and NM State is 81.
Net Rankings are similar positionings. Is this the NCAA trying to get more exciting games?

Why would a 4/13 paring have a better team in the 13 spot than a 5/12 pairing in the 12 spot?

Maybe it is because the conference strength is so different that it is skewing the numbers?


Interesting question.

Shouldn’t matter much though. Whichever way you pair these games, Arkansas and UConn will play in 2nd round if both show up and play hard in the opening round.

Oh I agree, I aint scared of em but the whole bracket this year is inconsistent and baffling. . .

Anybody know what time we would play on Saturday?

Honestly, this is what I’m concerned about.

I don’t like the UConn matchup at all. I was going to have them going far in my bracket, they have a chance to do some damage. The selection committee did us NO favor with our location or with opponents.

Us, Gonzaga, UConn and Michigan state?!?!

Those are all 4 teams I would have had advancing far in my brackets, and we are all together?! Piss poor job by the committee


I agree with you. But I suppose UConn is equally concerned. Just how a 4/5 game should be.

Yeah, I didn’t want to see UConn in the 2nd round. However, when I looked at all the 5-seeds, there is only one team I’d rather have than UConn. That’s St Mary’s. I’d rather have UConn than Houston or Iowa. This year, they seem to have stacked the 5 seeds. Maybe they are trying to stop the inevitable 5-12 upsets this year.

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