NCAA jacking up price of "Omahog" merch . . .

Latest money-grab by the NCAA . . . … rsrmY93Fcs

I figured the NCAA gets a percentage of everything. So I was already thinking the NCAA was getting some of this. You go to the NCAA tournament, they are taking your money. Count on it. Now, I appreciate Robert telling us about it. You should know, but I figure the Omahog stuff will continue to sell.

The NCAA and schools get the money and many of the youngsters rack up student loans. Not to mention the price “volunteer” coaches pay for the privilege of coaching these same kids. And kids with potential in baseball leave it to pursue scholarships in sports that pay their way.

I know this subject is much deeper than my simple statement above. But that does not make it right.

I’m glad that I bought some OmaHog shirts last year. I won’t be buying more after that.

Omahorns - really to market the Longhorns!
What’s next, Omafrogs-TCU. Omaaggies-aTm, Omatide-you know who,
Leave it to the NCAA to screw up something original. Plus show how greedy they are.

OmaDawgs and OmaFrogs I at least “get” - rhymes with Omaha as much as Omahawgs does. But OmaHorns?? Typical of those arrogant tea-sips to “horn in” on any origianl idea and attempt to co-opt it as if it has always been their own. In a few years, you’ll see their know-nothing fans claim that we’re the ones copying them - mark it down and see if I’m not right.

Last year, as we were getting ready to teach them yet another lesson in the College World Series, I had several of them tell me that I was “high” (that’s the sanitized version of it) when I told them our Track Program was more dominant than all of their programs put together. I posted a link to a site listing all of our various Track and Field championships and they banned me. Seriously.

Getting back to the original topic, I think Arkansas ought to be grandfathered in on this particular item since we INVENTED the genre. How long have we been using “OmaHawgs” or “OmaHogs” now - 10 years? They ought to THANK US for the idea.

Absolutely agree with all of it Wiz.
Were your feelings hurt you got banned from Longhorn site? Hehe