NCAA is adding a second women's tournament

For the 23-24 season, 32 teams, according to a report by Sportico (paywall). Which is not going to leave much room for the existing WNIT, which the NCAA does not control.

thought i heard Coach Neighbors say Sunday night that the NCAA was taking over the WNIT next year like they do for the men’s NIT now

That’s not what this article indicated, but I suppose it’s possible. They bought the NIT from the Metropolitan Basketball Committee in NYC; perhaps they’re buying the WNIT as well. WNIT is 64 teams though; this article said the new WNIT will be 32 teams and may or may not start next season.

You might be able to sneak past the paywall. It talks about other NCAA issues and gets to the WNIT at the end.

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Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn. Just what the world needs now. A second or third tier women’s basketball tournament. And for the record, I don’t pay attention to the NIT or CBB either.

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