NCAA investigating Arizona basketball

Related to the FBI probe. Maybe they’re finally going to take some action about the sleaze the FBI came up with.

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As long as Arizona just holds firm and continues to lie nothing will happen. The NCAA knows they were paying players and haven’t done a thing.
It would surprise me for the NCAA to take any action. What I do think will happen is Arizona may take action if they are provided with proof from the FBI probe themselves.

That will be a joke.

Arizona makes a good faith gesture with in house investigation and penalties with reduced scholarships for 2020-2021 (after 2019 banner class arrives) & some short suspensions of assistant coaches.
NCAA says good boy with some soft petting and hugs.

Don’t bet on that. If they admit to anything I believe that’s the only way the NCAA takes any action at all. Refer to Missouri.

I guess it all stems on the FBI report that as of now only the NCAA has and how much the Feds handed over.
I don’t think the school can get that yet unless the Feds formally charge Miller or anyone that represents the school.

I think Missouri was banking on same or similar result that NC got considering it was a such similar case. They may have failed to research all the facts thoroughly and assumed to much.

Don’t forget there may be wiretaps out there with HCs talking to some of the already indicted/convicted, plus all the other evidence the feds have given/might give to the NCAA. The NCAA could still act like a paper tiger, but it’s way early to say what will eventually happen once the criminal cases finish up.

Also don’t forget that a couple of the criminal targets have pled guilty, so a second or even third wave of indictments could still occur. None of the HCs in the programs involved are in the clear yet.

They do have Miller on a wiretap. That much has come out of the first trail. When or if he testifies in court is the question. That could also nail him by the short hairs.
I can’t believe there’s a place on earth where all of these head coaches survive and keep their jobs.

When I hear KY NC Duke and Nike are getting hammered by the FBI or NCAA I’ll take it serious. Everything else is window dressing and cosmetics.