NCAA Indoors thread

Senior from Jamaica win with a mark of 8.40m, which is NCAA best mark in 2023

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HogsAmanda Fassold won the women’s pole vault at 4.45 meters (14-7.25).

And Hog sophomore Ackera Nugent (another Jamaican) broke the collegiate record in the heats of the 60 hurdles with a 7.72.

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That is a blur. Amazing

Hope she wins the final tonight. But it is going to be tough.

Had to look it up but 27.5 feet. I get the meters but I like feet.


Heptathlon final day is underway. Ayden Owens-Delorme, in second place, won the 60 hurdles but only made up a couple of points on the Georgia kid who leads. Pole vault is in progress now. Ayden and Garland from Georgia are both over 15-3. Our other heptathlete, Yariel Soto Torrado, just cleared 15-3 by about 18 inches, which moved him up from 11th to 6th at the moment.

Just saw something I’ve never seen. Michigan State vaulter raced down the runway, planted his pole in the box for launch, and the pole came out of the box. He was lucky to land on the mat and seems to be okay. I’m guessing he sorta missed the box with the pole. No replays to pin it down further, and he came right back to take his next attempt, which he missed. Didn’t even get up to the bar, which is understandable given what had just happened…

Ayden, Garland and Soto are all over 15-7 now. That’s Ayden’s season best in the PV.

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They had a predicted the battle between Garland and Owens-Delorme as the highlight of these championship on the men’s side.

Right now Owens-Delerme is 152 points behind. But he just cleared 15-11. Garland came right behind him and also cleared. Owens-Delerme needs to make up some points in the PV to have a chance in the 1000, I think.

Soto missed his first try at 15-11.

Garland is not bad at 1000, but our guy is better. But can’t be too far behind. I would have felt better about this if it was the 1500 and not 1000.

Soto went out at 15-11. He’d have to make up 39 points to move into fifth in the 1000.

Looks like each 10-cm increment is worth ~30 points. So Ayden could use beating him by two heights. That doesn’t look likely but ya never know. Six vaulters still alive going to 16-3. Ayden and Garland both missed their first attempt.

Second attempt: Ayden makes. Garland hit the bar twice and it somehow stayed up. On to 16-7. 16-3 is Ayden’s PR.

Saw Garland’s vault. I thiught we had him there. It was like bar was glued to the pole.

Pretty much

Ayden misses his first try, Garland makes. Ayden misses the last two. I think this one’s over.

It will take Garland getting hurt in the 1000.

Garland leads by 214 points after the PV. He could probably get hurt on the last lap and still limp across the line in time.

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Evening session has started.

After 7 out of 17 events, Arkansas men are in first place with 31 pts and Ole Miss second at 14.

After 7 out of 17 events, Florida leads with 21 pts. Arkansas second at 18.

Garland wins, Ayden second, Soto seventh. Ten big points for the good guys.

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Lauren Gregory finished second in the Mile. Arkansas now leads with 26 points. Texas second at 21. 9 out of 17 events completed.

Hogs go 1-4-6 in the women’s 400, Britton Wilson set the US/collegiate record which would have been world record until two weeks ago. Obliterated the mark, first to go sub-50.

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Her 49.48 is now the second fastest ever in history of 400M indoors. As Dwight Stones said, can’t wait to see what she can do outdoors.

BTW, 400M will be a glamour event in the next World Championships. Both Sidney McLaughlin and Femke Bol are running both 400M Hurdles and 400M. Femke is the current world indoor 400M record holder.

Arkansas now leads with 44 points to Texas with 30.