Although I am not able to locate any articles in the WholeHogSports website, the Razorbacks did finish second to Oregon in both the Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track and Field Championships Saturday night.

A huge well done for a magnificent performance by our Track Superstars!


Actually, both teams ended up 5th. There are 2 articles about the T&F Championship on this WholeHog website.

Delayed telecast

They were both ranked second coming in, but it wasn’t a great meet for either team. They both did finish fifth. Not a good showing for the really great pole vaulters on the women’s side. The bright spot for both teams was Clive Pullen’s triumph in the triple jump.

The Oregon Women won as expected. It looks liked the Gator men choked again like they always seem to do indoor.

Several stories on the weekend here:

Aloha Matt,

So in the future, I need to visit More Sports to find articles about the Track and Field teams? I mistakenly thought ALL sports stories are listed on the home page and eventually rotate back into their respective files as new stories replace them.


The home page had those track stories on it this weekend, but with the number of basketball, baseball and recruiting stories we were adding, the track stories were bumped out of the latest portion pretty quick each day. They also were in the 10 featured stories rail each day.

But yes, you can find every track story in that category.

Pole Vault and High Jump are the most unpredictable events in Track&Field, that depend on having the right technique on the day of the meet more than any other events. Things can often go wrong. But that is where I thought Arkansas had an advantage, having three top vaulters. All three having a bad technique day is highly unusual.