NCAA home run leaders, team

Decided to look this up and it’s amazing. Tennessee has 43 home runs already this season. Who knows, maybe it’s off of very inferior teams.

Tennessee is a good hitting team that has not played much good competition. Plus, north winds blow straight out at its home park this time of year.

Iona, for instance, allowed 68 runs and 13 home runs in Knoxville over three games. The week before Iona had allowed 47 runs to Old Dominion. Iona has lost all of its games this year by a combined score of 169-20.

Rhode Island, which lost in Knoxville last weekend, is also winless this year by a combined score of 148-34.

Tennessee’s strength of schedule is 178. Texas won by five runs in the only game Tennessee has played against a ranked opponent.

I totally agree about thier competition but they have some guys with really good swings and I have noticed they are way more agressive than we are,most all their guys go up there to crush the 1st pitch in the zone where most all of ours guys will take the 1st pitch and a lot of times it is right down the pipe,have never understood with as much power as we have why we take the 1st pitch bc the pitcher is going to try to throw a strike and get ahead in the count…We will see if they can keep it now that we start SEC play but I hate to admit they are very impressive at the plate.

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