NCAA hands down first NIL-related sanctions

In Miami’s recruitment of the Cavinder twins, who built a huge TikTok following as basketball players at Fresno State and then hit the portal.

First sign that it’s not completely the Wild West. Level II violation by the Miami women’s coach in connecting the twins with booster John Ruiz – the same booster who is shelling out all kinds of money to all kinds of Miami athletes through his company, LifeWallet. One year probation for the women’s program and a fine. Kind of a slap on the wrist, which the Committee on Infractions recognizes and included this:

“the panel was troubled by the limited nature and severity of institutional penalties agreed upon by Miami and the enforcement staff, namely, the absence of a disassociation of the involved booster.”

As of January 1, the NCAA is operating under the assumption that if it receives credible information of a violation involving NIL, it will assume that the violation took place unless it can be proven otherwise.

Of course, if Miami disassociated Ruiz, it would have no NIL program at all and a whole bunch of people would hit the portal at the next opportunity.

Miami was and will be happy to live to their legend, but one thing very evident is that women have benefitted the most from NIL monies see Livvy and Suni and the twins who are bball talented and photogenic.

I am betting the nCAA remains impotent when it comes to rules (NIL) enforcement and will cave on the first good legal challenge by good representation,.

How not surprising that their first targets are women.