NCAA hammer coming down tomorrow on Rebs

Rebnecks have gotten their 24 hour notice from the NCAA on the infractions case. OM hoping they’ll accept self imposed penalties. Fat chance. But we’ll know for sure Friday.

Automatic built-in excuse for Luke, but I expect the OM faithful won’t accept it. In 2-3 years when he’s had bad years, they’ll dump for what they hope is a bigger name.

That’s all he is there for - to lead them through this mess. When they have a chance to start back up, they will jettison him like so much bilge water and move on to the next big thing.

In a situation like that, you make sure you get your money on the front
end of what ever type contract he can negotiate. He may have a short
shelf life so he better get what he can while he has some leverage.

The difference between an assistant and a head coach over the span of
lets say 3-4 years can be life changing money. And who knows, he could
be the next hot thing to develop.

I expect they’ll pay him pretty well, but nothing like he’d get if circumstances were different & his resume were stronger. I expect something in the $2M/year range plus the usual bonuses for winning an SECCG, bowl game, NC, etc… If he gets a contract for even as low as 3 years, he can scrimp by on that. I expect it’ll be a 4-5 year contract, so he’ll be fine. If he does exceedingly well next year & especially if he does exceedingly well for the next two years, his stock & salary will jump up accordingly. (But I wouldn’t bet on any such success down there for a while. Next year might be his best. He’s still got some of that bought talent.)

Only problem is OM won’t Be bowl eligible next year or possibly the following two years. That plus loss of scholarships and allowing current players to transfer without penalty could end any chance at success. He succeeds in spite of the penalties he will definitely be underpaid.

You’re probably right about that oldhogfan, but I was mostly making the point he’d probably have some incentives to boost whatever salary he makes, no matter how unlikely he is to achieve them.

3 mil per year for 4 years. Nice. Per boys at MSU.

It will be interesting on how the NCAA handles this.

Matt Luke hit the lottery. He will bank several million $ and won’t be blamed for anything.

That’s a helluva deal for him if it’s true. $12M for 4 years? I’d take it in a heartbeat. That’ll set him & his family up for life no matter what else he does unless he blows it. Not a bad deal for OM, either. They’re not likely to be very good over the next four years & they can fire him without having much of a buyout. And as buckhog said, it’ll be hard for them to blame him for the failures. (At least he’ll have a pretty good excuse for any bad record.)

Amazing how much money these guys make and we all get teary eyed when we have to fire one. I’ve got a professional degree and will be working hard until at least 65. Still won’t have near what these guys make. I must be a complete loser or picked the wrong profession.

The salaries are obscene. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t get teary-eyed if we fire one I like. When they get fired, they’re not thinking about their salary. Their thinking they either failed or weren’t given a fair shot to do better or something along those lines. It usually means moving away from friends, taking kids out of schools where they’ve made friends, having their wives have to pick up & start all over with any friends they might have made. There’s a whole lot besides money that make a person happy or sad.

As for salaries themselves, I don’t know anything that can be done. The NCAA & SEC can’t cap salaries without running afoul of anti-trust laws. In a purely financial sense, the coaches are worth paying a lot because if they succeed, they bring in millions for the school. (It’s hard to say how much they add to an already lucrative school asset, but Alabama seems to think Saban’s success has caused enrollment to increase. No doubt other athletic dept revenue has.)

So, what’s the solution? I have none to offer. Perhaps if ESPN keeps taking financial hits, the overall school revenues will force salary cutbacks. I don’t know. However, as a society I’d suggest we raise income taxes by increasing the top marginal rates for people making huge incomes. At least we’d get a whole lot of what we pay back in taxes. They’d still be doing very well for themselves.

Not to cut off the discussion of Matt Luke’s cushy gig, but it should be noted that the Rebnecks have been remarkably unrepentant about their sins. They didn’t do it, Moo U made it up, Moo U was doing even worse, etc., etc. The NCAA generally doesn’t like schools that refuse to 'fess up to their booboos. That’s why I expect them to get hit very hard.

IMO, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. I have come to detest them even more than the tea sippers.

amen to that. they have fought the ncaa at every turn. coaches not cooperative. might be devastating if they get hit with another year bowl ban. players are then free to transfer without having to sit out a year. there will be open season on any ole miss player worth anything. cannot stand ole miss… arrogant, rude, obnoxious fans. serves them right…

I have a friend who played for them under Johnny Vaught in the late 50’s & early 60’s, their glory years. I tend to humor him when we talk football. (I expect he does the same with me.). Regardless, about all he talks about when this comes up is how MSU made all this up & have all sorts of things they’re hiding. He’s got a lawyer friend down there who is taking MSU players’ depositions, etc. I never can tell if all the crap he’s supposedly learning is dirt on MSU or exculpatory things for OM. So, yeah, their whole belief is they really didn’t do much wrong, but MSU is really dirty.

I expect the Rebs to lose st least 30 scholarships…Southern Cal lost 30 for far less than the charges against Ole Miss. If the NCAA does not hammer their cheating butts, then why would anybody adhere to the rules? I expect the NCAA to man up after their pathetic showing against North Carolina.

Barney Farrar/Leo Lewis tape released today. Leo’s Mom acknowledged Leo offered $60k from LSU; $80k from MSU. Leo testified (under immunity) that he rec’d $10k from MSU. Dan Mullen got the hell out just in time!!!

I’ve been following the case. What makes you think Ole Piss gets more levied against them than the self-imposed? What were their infractions? I know about the Austin Golson (hunting trip) infraction and the David Saunders (under the Nutt administration) ACT infraction, but I’m not sure of what add’l infractions there were that would result in a 30 scholly loss.
Expound please…

norm is 6 weeks, some 8 weeks tops. 80 days tells a big story because this was not a lightly made or automatic process. 21 Allegations of which only 9 were contested by OM. Pretty good summary from the Clarion-Ledger/Comm Appeal: … 908516001/