NCAA grants extra year of eligibility for spring sports

Baseball, track, etc., definitely included. Unclear yet if basketball is included. Details to be worked out.

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Interesting. So they might do something for hoops too. Stay tuned. Which is all we have to do.

When I was at lunch with my parents this afternoon, the TV in the restaurant was tuned to SEC Network which was showing a Florida-Auburn softball game. I have no idea when this was taped but it clearly wasn’t live. We may be getting a whole lot of reruns in the next month on a lot of channels.

With basically no sports anywhere in the world, and with lots of channels to fill, I am wondering if sports movies will be shown? “Brian’s Song” anyone?

So guys, how is this granting another year going to effect scholarships? Will we be able to go over the scholarship limits for this one year because of overlapping incoming freshman or transfers with the extended seniors?

That seems to be what is being discussed.

Well, it’s all TBD, there are lots of stipulations to work through, such as expanded roster sizes, and scholarship allotments.

Roster size isn’t really an issue, IMO, but scholarship limits would be.

I’m just betting they’ll expand the number of scholarships as well as roster size. I’m not gonna bet that HK or CM return, but at least they have the option.

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They’re not seniors, they’re draft eligible juniors who could come back anyway. But if they did give an extra year to underclassmen, HK and CM would have leverage to return if the pros don’t offer enough money (but whoever drafts HK is insane if they try to lowball him). I’m not sure the NCAA is going to go beyond letting seniors come back for another go-around. If so, we only have one senior: Cole Austin.

It’s going to be tricky for the equivalency sports like baseball: How much do you expand the 11.7 limit, since virtually nobody has a full scholarship. Basketball is easy; you know that Adrio and Jimmy and Cylla each have one full scholarship.

Since every school would have differing numbers of seniors, I think they’d say you still have 13 scholarships for the four classes that would ordinarily be there and any returning seniors like Whitt would be exempt from the limit. Exemption goes away when that player leaves.

Well, you’re right & I knew that, but I was thinking more in terms of them not getting a complete “last” year. I expected them to turn pro at the end of this season. I expect they still will. Of course, it’s likely to be a while before pro baseball resumes. I don’t know how the inaction will affect the draft, if at all.

The money each will get will be hard to turn down or even wait a year to get. That’s especially true of HK.

Yes. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the scholarship allotments next year. Perhaps they’ll just add 3-4 full scholarships for the schools to divide.That’s about the average per class assuming 4 classes per team per year.

You could just say “what ever they had last year, they can keep. If they don’t come back, you lose it.” So if school A had 3 seniors who were getting 1/2, 1/2 and 1/4, they could come back and get the same, Those just wouldn’t count against the limit. School B had 2 seniors who were getting 1/3 and 1/3, they can stay and get the same, doesn’t count against the limit.

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good thought.

Everything I’ve seen is that the extra year would only be for seniors. They’re not proposing an extra year for everyone

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