NCAA golf

In the match between Aunurn and Okie lite
Auburn trying to make a come back an official marking drives with flags is standing on the edge of the fair was and the drive by Auburn hits him in the shoulder and goes into the rough! What a bad break.
What a stupid official!

That’s got to be a first. Wow.

Official is doing what he is supposed to do, helping players find their wayward shots. Having been on a golf course with balls zooming at me, I can tell you it’s hard to get out of the way even if you see it coming. And it sounds like he didn’t. Seems like the Auburn guy should have let him get out of the line of fire before teeing off.

Richard it was amazing to watch how he standing looking back at the Tee box and took it off the shoulder. That has a direct impact on the next shot as well as the score on a hole! It was also hard to listen to Okie Lite players talking about how they practiced the course several times this year! Home field advantage for them wasn’t enough they got breaks like this all throughout the tournament. I home Bama beats them tomorrow.
Helping mark wayward shot is one thing but he shouldn’t have been in the edge of the fairway. There was plenty of room where he had been marking balls not to be in where he was.

[color=#4000FF]You might be singing a slightly different tune next year, when the NCAA National Championship will be held at . . . The Blessings. Gimme all the home field advantage we can find![/color]

I watched some,of that match, and markers(officials) had nothing to do with OSU winning that NC. They played like the #1 team in the country the last few days. Yesterday’s beat down of Bama was really impressive. I enjoy watching good golf & hope Hogs can duplicate the home course success next year.

When really good players are performing at a very high
level and beat you, it’s best just to tip your hat and prepare
for your next opportunity.

The home team does have an advantage in golf, especially college golf. In pro golf, it’s not so much an advantage. The ability of pro players to read and understand a new course makes home course knowlege almost a moot point. Not so in amateur golf.

I listened to college golf courses explain the comfort level of playing at home for many years when I covered college golf in a deep way. I always covered the NCAA tournaments, men and women, when I was at the Tulsa World. Mike Holder explained to me that the comfort level for home golfers in college is a huge thing. the understanding of the greens is the big deal. You just know the break on every putt on your home course. Pro golfers can figure it out in about two days where it takes much longer for amateurs to do that.