NCAA going to throw the book at AZ hoops

2 jobs that have a strong possibility come open that worry me a bit if I was Hunter Y…


Obviously ironic that it would be brothers getting canned at both places

The fact that the book will be thrown at Arizona is going to make that job much less desirable (there ain’t no way the NCAA will accept just their self-imposed penalties with all the Level I stuff that came out in their NOA).

That also tells me that the NCAA is taking the stuff the FBI uncovered very seriously. Arizona is as close to a hoops blueblood as the Left Coast has any more, except for the Spokane gang. Which is not good news in Lawrence or Baton Rouge. (Between SAO, the guy stealing from the hospital to pay a player’s dad, and Grasseater groping coeds, the hits just keep coming in East Baton Rouge Parish).

Indiana is another issue. And Minny, too; Pitino Junior has more or less acknowledged he knows he’s gonna get canned. Going 13-3 at home and 0-10 on the road isn’t a good look, even if the home wins include Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan.

Arizona Wont lure him away in my opinion. They will
End up on probation and Miller will have a show cause on their way out the door.
You can add Kansas to your list.
Just ask yourself would you leave a program that can play in the postseason to take you that will have recruiting restrictions and probation that can’t play in the postseason!

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