NCAA gives Virginia seniors an extra year

After three of their teammates were shot to death by a former team member on Nov. 13. UVa requested the waiver and the NCAA has approved it.


NCAA did good on this one.


Disagree. If this was done before the fifth game, maybe it would make fairness sense. I’m not sure the team needed a “reward”.

You were also in favor of playing the damn games no matter whether the team wanted to play or not. So you are, to put it bluntly, completely insensitive and your opinion needs to be scraped off the bottom of our shoes.


At no time did I suggest the event was not terrible. But, in my opinion, it’s part of life and life should go on, normally.

It’s his opinion. How 'bout some of your past tasteless posts? I can think of one in particular that beats this one by a MILE. :sunglasses:

A query…Hog2009 or danny. Bigger Hefty bag? And the winner is?

You are entitled to your opinion, and this Board is in part a vehicle for expressing opinions, and if your opinion were merely that this was nice but unnecessary I would disagree but not think that statement was disagreeable. But saying this was a quote unquote reward seemed pretty insensitive and tasteless to me, at the very least I wish you had rephrased that or, better yet, left it out altogether.

Btw, I saw that UVA granted degrees to the deceased players. Kudos to Jefferson’s University. UVA might be the nation’s most beautiful campus, but a beautiful gesture like that is what really counts.

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I guess you’re right, I was speaking in the extreme, a parable if that helps. I absolutely hate participation trophies. This sort of was one, in my view. When the University cancelled the games, they actually empowered the bad guy. I think there were other ways to handle the sadness.

Sweet fancy Moses… I can’t even go that far. I’ve got my work cut out for me being the most hated man on WHS.

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It’s soccer season and I hate ties. You guys can go to penalty kicks. I hope you smile when reading this. I do wish the days of being offended were not so seriously celebrated.

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You better get on the ball 09…… :wink: :rofl:

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