NCAA finally gets around to Auburn hoops

Four years probation, Bruce Pearl suspended for two games immediately, plus scholarship reduction and postseason ban (already self-imposed last season) and other penalties.

absolutely ridiculous that Pearl only got a 2 game suspension for basically repeating the same actions/inactions he did at Tennessee…if the NCAA had any reputation left…they just lost that too


Did not promote an atmosphere of compliance is probably the biggest understatement since " some people did some things". Well that two game suspension and post season ban that is applicable only to the past, oughta learn him. Take that Bruce!


What was the point of all of this?

I can’t wait to learn that Wade has received a strongly worded letter as punishment.


What a joke!! Obviously a repeat offender…


I did think it was interesting that the NCAA indicated it went easy on Auburn because it self imposed penalties last year. As opposed to, say, Kansas, which didn’t.

Self imposed Tournament ban that they were going to fail to make anyway!


Don’t expect any issues for LSU either. Might go so far as to say that in football too. Guess we will see but neither of these two schools have acted like they have any concerns or problems during the time these issues have been in open domain.

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What’s really crazy is this is the 3rd time Pearl has had issues with the rules and this IARP gives this idiot a 2 game suspension! A darn 5 year show cause was more fitting to his cheating rear end!


Hot take: what Chuck Person did wasn’t even that big of a deal. Surprised Pearl got any punishment at all.

Will they be able to go to NCAA tournament? I just saw that no probation, that is a DAMN joke.

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This year? Yes. They banned themselves from postseason play last year when they had Sharife Cooper and not much else, and Cooper was hurt much of the year.

Pearl was and still is a cheater. The NCAA knows this and gave Auburn a slap on the wrist. Maybe someone needs to de-fund Auburn and the NCAA.

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Sounds like the NCAA needs to be investigated as well! SMH!

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What exactly did Pearl do in this case that has all your Jimmie’s rustled?

He is responsible for everything that happens under his watch! That’s part of being a head coach! He’s a dirt bag!
Person 10 year show cause. Lying Bruce 2 game suspension! That’s the joke.

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On the other hand, if they’d given Auburn the death penalty for a year, you’d be upset they didn’t shut it down for two years.

They could have left Auburn out of it and just sent Lying Bruce down the road for 10 years.


NCAA is like a dog with no teeth, they growl a lot and raise the hair on their neck then slump off to get a drink. The bad thing is they tend to get a lot tougher with the no bloods than the blue bloods it seems to me, kind of like how our judicial system works. WPS

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Well,er, jus’maybe, Brucie Baby made the NCAA “a strong a$$ offer”. :crazy_face: