NCAA early Too 16.

Texas A&M and Arkansas both lost to LSU 2 times! When they talked about Texas A@M they blowed about how dangerous and dominant they could be when it came to our hogs the failure to win on the road and the 2 bad losses to LSU came up and they mentioned the hogs could very well end up out pretty easy because the NCAA tournament isn’t played in Bud Walton Arena.
This is Jerry Palm at his best.

I wonder how he feels about teams that struggle at home.

The road woes this year are just an excuse to screw the hogs! You can bet the hogs if possible they will leave out. They need to beat Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Missouri and Kentucky. The road game at Alabama is almost a must win just to get a road win.
The home game aginst Auburn I just don’t see the hogs having the quickness and depth to beat them.
The losses to LSU (2) and the loss at Moo U hurt!