NCAA drops hammer on Okie Lite

You remember they got sanctions last season resulting from the FBI investigation of college hoops, appealed the sanctions and were allowed to play in the Dance pending the appeal. They had an assistant who accepted bribes; he was fired and did some prison time.

Well the appeal is over and the penalties stand. Postseason ban this season, three years probation, scholarships taken away and other recruiting restrictions.

And they are PISSED in Stillwater.

man, that’s heavy-handed

How do teams like Kansas and LSU skate is my question? I don’t blame them for being upset!


Crickets from the NCAA on Kansas, LSU, Auburn and others. No surprise to me.


Apparently Chuck Person was just a bad person. Chuck was committing illegal acts and violating NCAA rules with reckless abandon, completely unbeknownst to Coach Bruce Pearl or anyone else at that sainted institution. Likewise Will Wade’s SAO, referred strictly to offers of academic support.


The cases of Memphis, Louisville, Kansas, LSU, etc, got referred to the IARP. Which to date has done nothing to anyone. LSU fought the referral but should be grateful; SAO might be OOW by now if they hadn’t. Supposedly the IARP is retracing the steps of the NCAA enforcement people, for no known reason. It appears that there is a Complex Case Unit within the IARP that decides whether to accept the NCAA investigation or conduct their own, but nobody knows what the criteria are for rejecting the NCAA case.

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This could help considerably recruiting Black…

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Maybe, or it could remove the uncertainty. Their postseason ban will be over before Black enrolls, if he chooses OSU. We shall see, I suppose.

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I gotta say this… Usually I hate it when the NCAA lowers the boom on a group of players and/or coaches who had nothing to do with the rule breaking they’re trying to punish. But Okie State kind of asked for this. I think they knew their appeal was weak, but did it anyway with the hope of Cade getting them to the promised land. The put all their money on his number and lost. I do feel bad for the current players, but not the coaching staff, school admin or fans. This was a predictable outcome.

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I would say that this indicates that schools that attracted the FBI’s attention are not going to skate. Eventually IARP is going to come down on Kansas, Louisville, LSU, etc. But it never happens as soon as you would like.


As long as the long wind up means that the hammer comes down hard.

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The recruits who do their due dilligence should know that there is risk signing with that school. As a result the “Don’t punish these kids who were not here” argument goes out the window. There is also the transfer portal so they can hop on out. Schools/Admins that cheat should be punished. . .

The only thing I disagree with, if this was ALL self reported then they have an argument, I suspect it wasn’t self reported till AFTER someone else had reported it and they were forced to.

Well, Lamont Evans got arrested for one thing. Major clue that there were problems.

I’m thinking the post season bans should parallel the probation period. A three year post season ban would send a serious message.

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You might be right, but it’s too late now. One year postseason ban, three years probation. I’m trying to think of the last time a school got more than one year postseason ban for anything and I’m drawing a blank.

Then again, as the Okie Lite people pointed out, they’re punishing kids for something that happened while they were in high school (or junior high). And it’s too late for anyone to jump in the portal and play elsewhere this year.

Upon further review, USC may have been the last two-year ban in 2010 for the Reggie Bush mess.

I think a two year ban would carry much more weight. Make it sting more and it might improve compliance with the rules.

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