NCAA council delays vote on NIL, one-time transfer

After the Justice Department told them their proposals were legally questionable from an antitrust standpoint.

The NCAA wanted to block athletes from signing NIL deals that contradicted their schools’; for example Moses Moody couldn’t sign a shoe deal with Adidas because we have one with Nike. Justice Department said that was a problem. Also, schools would be given the option of reducing or eliminating scholarship aid for anyone entering the portal for a one-time transfer and DOJ said that was an antitrust problem as well, since it would dissuade some athletes from changing schools,

Also, nobody is sure what will happen with proposals in Congress related to athlete rights with the change in administrations and new people in Congress.

So, they postponed the vote (anyone who is surprised the NCAA wanted to do something legally iffy to protect its schools, raise your hand; my hand isn’t up).

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