NCAA Considering changes to shorten College Football games

I understand that there is concern over the length of games, but I would not want to see this change made…

NO I do not like this change. All we do is consider changes to our game to reduce the length of a FB game. It’s TV commercials that add length. I predict that if implemented the game will be jacked up and confusion on when the clock was started or not started. A mess. IMO


The “fake injuries” are a big part of the culprit. It’s comical to hear the announcers, “oh no, hope it’s not too serious…”…only to see them walk off for a play and get right back in short order.

The rule needs to be if a player goes down on an injury, that player is out for the rest of the series. That sure seems like a motivator to cut that mess out.


I agree. If the opponent makes a first down and there is a new set of downs, you can come back on. But you gotta at LEAST sit out that set of downs.

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I’d to to see them play through at least part of the TV commercials. TV viewers can be shown highlights of anything they miss.

Three minutes timeouts for TV Commercials is ridiculous.

Something definitely needs to be done.

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TV timeouts is the biggest issue but don’t see that changing,

The length of time for games isn’t an issue for me. I don’t like this proposal.


TV timeouts won’t change because they pay too much money. However, that’s where the cuts need to come. Just reduce the total ad time by about 10 minutes per game.


I wouldn’t have a problem if they started the clock a little faster after first downs. Or incompletions. Spot the ball and start the clock. I can still remember when they put in the rule stopping the clock after first downs; it wasn’t always the case.

Of course ad time would have a bigger effect but we know that ain’t gonna happen. They have to get the money for the B1G/SEC TV contracts from somewhere.

TV rainouts are the whole problem

Do some Picture in Picture things where play continues. Doesn’t have to be every timeout or the entire timeout

But 3:30 is way too long

I assume that is an autocorrect error, right?

I’ve been tracking the length of TV commercials this year. Not sure what I’ll do with it, but from the Texas A&M game there were 49 minutes, 15 seconds in TV timeouts during a game that lasted 3 hours, 21 minutes.

But sure, let’s blame incompletions for the longer game times.


I watch the timer that comes out on the field during time outs for games this year. They are all 3 minutes or longer. Between quarters, I have noticed they are 3:45. Most timeouts are 3:05 and I’ve seen 3:35 several times.

Last year, it seemed to me TV time outs were 2:45 and 3:00 between quarters. It’s ridiculous and I hate how the are blaming the actual game for being longer, when it it CLEARLY TV commercials.

As usual the NCAA is full of it. It’s all about the bucks. So why pretend that saving a few seconds here and there will help? When you’ve sold yourself to TV revenue you get what you ask for. Just be honest NCAA. Which is (of coarse) asking too much.


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Wow!!! Seems obvious the fix we need

I wrote about it Sunday, but there was one stretch in the second quarter when there were 9:35 in TV timeouts during 90 seconds of game time.

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I didn’t know it was that much, but I remembered thinking there seemed to be an unusually high number of timeout minutes spent on commercials. I’ve gotten somewhat used to the interminable delays, but that number is astounding.

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We all know the reason games last 3 ad 1/2 hours…the TV commercials. Come on, man.

Well I say Pavlov, it’s Pavlov!! BS

I don’t understand that response


Timeouts, yes