NCAA considering 2 rules to speed up college football games

I’m not a fan of thee proposed changes. I like it the way it is.

Don’t like them either.

Sounds more to me that they are bowing to pressure from TV to help make games fit into programming slots but trying to pretend its about player safety.

I like the game as is… don’t make it the NFL. If they change one thing, add something to take care of the constant flopping / fake injuries to slow down up-tempo offensives. Something with some bite like the player has to site for the rest of that series or the team is charged a timeout. If its a real injury then sitting a series is no big deal.

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I have always thought the clock should start when toe meets ball but the other one would make a huge difference which I do not like. The fake injury thing is easy, the player cannot return to the field in the game.

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Here’s the problem with that. You score and go ahead with 35 seconds to go. You then tell your kickoff guy to sky-kick (i.e., take as much time off the clock as possible) the ball out of bounds about the 10 or 20 yard line. Keep doing that until you run (or almost do) the clock out.

We could have used that rule at Missouri last season.

I don’t think these changes have much to do with shortening the game for TV. I think it’s intended to reduce the number of times that guys get hit upside the head.

If they really want to shorten the games, just take 15 seconds off of each commercial break.

Yeah…I didn’t think so…lol…


Nailed it Wiz. Just cut commercial time and leave the game alone. With less ads, more can be charged per unit. I might even be more likely to watch their ads.

Just do away with bowl games and the playoffs. Less games/ plays for the players, less money for TV, and less money for NCAA.

Let’s see how serious the NCAA is about shortening exposure for players.:heavy_dollar_sign:

The NCAA is pretty worthless. Any dumb a$$ knows the easiest way to shorten the game is to reduce the commercial time. Today when you go to a game, all you do is wait for the commercials to be over.

I do not like this either.

That kickoff thing would only spend five seconds or so.

Waiting on a new “fake injury” rule. Check out Ole Miss games to see how much time these add to games.

Can change just about anything if a “safety tag” is applied to it.
Sounds to me like they are worried more about the law suits - pending and future, than anything else.
Why the fake injury “flopping” is getting minimal attention.

You may remember that Bielema when he was at Wisconsin was the one who exposed this rule when they tried it before. With about 15 seconds to go in the half he had his kickoff team purposely run offsides, getting a huge 10 yard jump and easily smothering the sky kick inside the 20. After 3 penalties, they had used the rest of the time. They changed the rule back after that year. Hopefully they leave it the way it is now

Not if you did it multiple times, as my scenario described. Do it 4 times and that could leave a team with 10 seconds rather than 30…Or, zero instead of 20.

BIG difference.

Couldn’t the receiving team decline the penalty and take the ball? (I am not in favor of the change)

Because of injury risk, I forsee in the near future no kickoffs, just put the ball on the 25 and go from there.

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Agree. Don;t know when but I believe it will happen.

No more kick offs. Would negate the onsides kick when making a come back trying to win a game late.
Or the excitement & momentum change when a kick off is returned for a TD.