NCAA Communication

With the SEC and probably other conferences as well upset over how quickly spring sports were cancelled will this restart the talk of power 5 schools having their own controlling agency and leave the NCAA or will the conferences try to oust the current NCAA President?

You notice that all the leagues are shutting down for the rest of the spring. Turns out the NCAA was ahead of the curve on that. Nothing is going to happen there.

True, but the communication of the initial decision was nonexistent. They ticked off a lot of conferences and ADs.

Agreed. Emmert is tone-deaf about a lot of things and this is no exception. However he happens to be right on this one.

In your opinion…

No in the opinion of the epidemiologists who are trained to try to keep idiots from dying because they decided to lick the floor at the Baptist Church in Conway. If you’re stupid enough to think the virus is a liberal hoax you probably deserve to lick the floor. Knock yourself out, man, go prove its a hoax always an ass? You’re a mod supposedly… what you stated that I replied to is your opinion… I don’t happen to agree with it… attack me and make up crap all you want but it doesn’t make you right… I didn’t say anything about a liberal hoax or licking some f’ng floor… get over yourself you self righteous ass

Clay … is this the way you want your forums represented? If so, that’s all I know.

And the medical community’s as well, but you do you.

I would not be surprised if Mark Emert is fired because of the way he decided to communicate. That’s real and not fake news. I do not think it’s right to communicate with disregard for who you work for. That’s dangerous and it did not go over well. The decision is something different.

I agree. He works for the Universities and conferences. Apparently he’s made some folks pretty mad about his communications on this (rather lack of communications).

And this is not the first time that he has done something like this.

It’s not the message, it’s the delivery. Seems many have that problem. In Emert’s case, it’s not an acceptable weakness.

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