NCAA College Basketball Hall of Fame

I don’t understand how the number of dirt bag coaches get in like John Calipari and then the group of voters can keep Eddie Sutton out! There’s no standard or accountability period. Change the name to Hall of Shame

Simple. Dirtbags have won National Championship and Eddie has not,

Well I guess you made a valid point there. How many of those Natioanl Championship coaches coaches had NCAA trouble everywhere they’ve been. Shouldn’t the whole person concept be applied to all of them and not just to a few?
Where are the standards set? I just don’t get it? I guess Eddie Sutton should have just cheated more and drank less then he would receive the 18/24 votes he needs to get in.

Uh, Army, Eddie is in the College Basketball Hall of Fame, has been since 2011. What he isn’t in is the Naismith Hall of Fame which is for the entire sport, amateur or pro, U.S. or international. Eddie and Sidney Moncrief are both finalists this year. Sidney got in the CBHOF in November.

Here’s Eddie’s page at the Hall of Fame Website. Doesn’t say a word about Arkansas, but this is a minimal bio to put it mildly:
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Your right. Isn’t Cal in!

Yes Calipari has been in the Naismith HOF since 2015.

We are hoping that Coach Sutton gets in this year for obvious reasons, including his health.