NCAA changes overtime conversion rule

Previously you had to go for two starting in the third overtime. Now you have to go for two starting in the second overtime. They don’t want any more 7-OT games, all of which have been in the SEC.

Other changes listed in this story.

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I really just don’t understand why they want to speed up sports in general. What’s the dang hurry?!

More plays equals more chance for injury. And yes, TV would like football games not to take four hours.

I’ve never seen a multiple overtime yet where the defenses(and a lot of guys on offense) were not exhausted, and it just gets worse with every play. Guys who are worn out tend to play with worse technique or make other mental mistakes that can lead to getting hurt. So its not just more plays leading to more chances for injury.

Eventually somebody will make a play(or not make a play) to end it, but I like making teams go for two from a player safety standpoint. I also think that it will help improve play in the following games. Teams that play multiple OT games tend to be physically at a disadvantage the next week.

But it sure was fun while it lasted. I remember those 7 OT games fondly, but maybe it was just because we won.

They could also move the start of the overtime offensive possession back to like the opponents 40 yard line so that the offense would actually need to gain a first down in order to kick a field goal less than 50 yards.

I like that idea.

Another thing that the rules committee tried to address is faking injuries. They don’t want the officials playing doctor, but schools can request a video review of alleged fake injuries after the game, and if someone is willing to enforce it, like conferences, guilty coaches can be fined or suspended if the review confirms a flop job. Another case of the decentralized nature of college football coming back to bite us. The NCAA can’t suspend a coach because it doesn’t have the power. The conferences and schools would have to buy in.

The Gus Malzahn Rule.

They need some cameras focused on the stands so the they can figure out where those rifle shots come from that suddenly take down Auburn defensive players.


They should make you go for two the first overtime. Overtime is a crap shoot, so don’t play for overtime. Win it in regulation.

Or do what Ara Parseghian did in 1966 at East Lansing, play for the tie and assume the voters will keep you #1. It worked.

I really do not have a problem with a tie. It means 0.5 game for each. According to DKR, it is like kissing your sister, but that is better than getting hit by your sister.

Really, if 2 teams play even for 60 min., should the W or L come down to a play in the 65th or so min? Sam went for 2 rightly so at the end of the MO game. If he had kicked for a tie, would MO have played so careless to get the ball down the field or would they have figured they would win in OT? I don’t know. Would they have played different if there had been no OT (probably not because we had no defense by then, but that is another issue). The point is, Sam made sure there would be no tie or OT.

That’s the change I’ve suggested for years as well. Move the ball back to the 4o or even 50 yard line, and that takes the “automatic” FG out of the equation.

I think Misery would have done exactly what they did if Sam had kicked for the tie, because our defense hadn’t come close to stopping them in the fourth quarter.

ESPN hated the never ending multiple OT games. They could not figure the way to get to the next game in an orderly fashion. You would think they liked the drama. But they did not.

The other rule change no one is talking about is the determination that Alabama’s laser show between plays (but only when visitors had the ball) is distracting and illegal.

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That’s great news about the laser show. If only the cowbells at Stankville could be eliminated. But that will never happen…


The cow bells is an interesting discussion. MSU piped in cow bell noise last year with reduced seating. That seems to be pushing the envelope and might backfire.


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