NCAA busts TCU for ... light bulbs?

Paying athletes for on-campus work they didn’t do. Women’s basketball also involved which is kinda rare.

TCU on probation

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Thanks for shedding a little light on this story, Jeff.

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To keep up with the punfest, are you saying that TCU is getting screwed?

I always thought it was that school to the southeast of Foat Wuth that had to assign a team for light bulb replacement.

Let the Aggie jokes proceed…

How many Horned Frogs DOES it take to replace a Light Bulb? :sunglasses:

Wonder what TCU staffer came up with that bright idea? (apologies in advance)

I was completely in the dark about this.

Frogs like glow bugs.

Clearly…not a very bright idea by the person who thought of it!

Yeah…not the Brightest Bulb in the Box!

I wonder which NCAA luminary decided their fate?

Sounds like a three man job.

Pretty dim witted if you ask me.

Can you shed more Light on the subject?

Sounds like the NCAA is going to light them up over this violation. WPS

Breaking news: Reddy Kilowatt joins NCAA enforcement staff

Oh wow I hadn’t thought of Reddy Kilowatt in 40 years.

TCU should have just given those athletes 10 grad a year for just playing like the one in the FBI scandal none of those are on probation! The NCAA is a joke!