NCAA bubble comparison

Just for fun, a comparison of four teams that would be somewhere around the bubble line if Selection Sunday was today.

Info screenshot was taken from the team comparison page at, mainly so I don’t have to type all this:

and page 2

Which one is lowest on the Bracket Matrix (all four would get in according to the Matrix, but just barely)? And can you figure out which school is which?

B is us, not sure the other three, haven’t looked

Edit: A - UNC, B - AR, C - SDSU, D - Creighton (sorry it’s South Dakota St, Creighton overtook them this morning)

Correct, B is us. The other three are also correct.

In the Matrix now (not updated yet this morning), Creighton is a 10, SDSU is an 11, and Arkansas and UNC are in the First Four along with Florida State and Oregon.

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