NCAA Basketball

Somewhere there is a disconnect from reality for the NCAA. South Carolina received a notice of allegations from the NCAA. My question is why does it take 2 years to start this process and why in the world is LSU still have a coach whom was on tape talking about a huge axx offer and he is still coaching? With all of this going on announcers and even our own SEC commissioner get on a mic and blow about how great of a job Will Wade has down! It’s all mind blowing but oh well that’s the way it’s been for an awful long time.

The whole LSU situation blows my mind. I’m sure LSU doesn’t want to talk about it given their decision to retain Wade, but why there isn’t more discussion about it makes me wonder. Maybe I missed something.

You didn’t miss anything! LSU and the NCAA talked to Wade after he lawyered up and he denied everything and they put him back to work despite the facts!
It’s about putting a bank robber to worm as the president of a bank!

Some teams are just too big to fail. LSU is one of them.

I don’t believe that LSU is too big to fall!
Will Wade is just a punk that lawyered up and lied! The LSU AD was gutless and the NCAA has always been gutless!

Army, my question is why don’t the real reporter’s ask the commissioner that question. Lack of guts! I’m thinking we all know that answer. Got him on tape and still nothing. Pitiful!!

When all the FBI scandal first broke he and all the announcers where harping about they were concerned with the integrity of the game! Most jumped on Bill Self! Now look at where the corner turned. They all talk about the great job Wade and Pearl have done!

LSU’s bag man stopped by the NCAA offices… they call him Mr. Attorney.

Yes and he may have dropped a load of cash off there too!

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