NCAA basketball

Well this is the time of the year the media pump up the blue bloods and the cheating coaches. LSU has received the media attention at the same time their head coach Will Wade has received his invitation to appear in federal court. At numerous points this week the media has had chance after to chance to ask him about it and they have not. LSU isn’t the only school in the crosshairs and by this time next year there probably won’t be any changes because the gutless NCAA won’t do anything. Our only hope for an equal playing field is if the FBI takes down the crooks!

He has been asked and has a standard answer about it.

While others may take time to ask it again, you know what you are going to get and other questions in the limited time with a head coach are more important in the day-to-day coverage of the team.

In my nearly 40 years covering Arkansas sports, coaches have also been ikely to talk more about those things, give you background, etc, in a private setting than a public one. … 981970002/

Dudley it’s still pretty amazing how much credit the dirt bag has been given despite the black cloud hanging over him! The same can be considered for Kansas, Auburn, Arizona and Kentucky. I’m just hoping the Feds bust the corrupt system as it exist.

Dunno what’s going to happen with the NCAA investigation, but if they follow their history, not much.

NCAA took back Louisville’s last NC largely based on the word of a prostitute. The FBI is giving them a much better case than that. It’s not going to be fast (the NCAA never is) but there is reason to be optimistic they’ll do the right thing. Or things, given the number of schools involved.

I do not see how Archie Miller or Will Wade can survive. The feds have them on tape, and they are being subpoenaed to testify in the April trial. Take the Fifth? Say goodbye to your job! Tell the truth? Ditto.

That’s what I think on Miller and Wade as well. What about the Schools during for damages? Isn’t that an admission of wrong doing in recruiting that could be tracked back to their coaches and make them a knowing parter to the crime that took place? That make Bill Self’s job security in jeopardy as well? The significant thing that took place on the February 15 that happened when the one awaiting sentces handed over evidence throwing Nike and several other programs under the bus. You know as well with Knasas and all the ones airing them they will for sure sing on those head coaches involved. It will be fun.
I wonder if the media will ever give honest coaches any credit. Seth Geeensberg and his statement about integrity must be the biggest lie I’ve heard on national TV since our election season ended. Get him too for his involvement.

As I posted over the weekend there are two things going on. The FBI is charging these coaches, shoe executives and hangers-on under the legal theory that they are defrauding these schools of the legitimate services of these players, and of the benefits of those services (NCAA tournament bids, TV appearances, etc.) by the financial shenanigans. Based on that, the schools are entitled to restitution as victims of the fraud.

But the FBI does not enforce NCAA rules. The NCAA could very well conclude that you are correct, that these schools are admitting violations in order to collect the restitution. Schools are definitely responsible for what the coaches in their employ do, and HCs are deemed to be responsible for the misconduct of their assistants.

We’re talking about Will Wade in here? Hold on let me close the door.

That’s a good one Blu!