NCAA approves one year signee waiver

You can sign up to seven extra players to replace football players who enter the portal after the fall semester or Dec. 15, whichever comes first. So possible max of 32 in the class, but not if nobody hits the portal. This was expected. One year only but they’re working on a permanent response.

Good stuff…thanks for sharing.

Someone remind me about super seniors. Did they count against roster total, or not? If so, I’m worried about all the teams that lose the super seniors and can’t get there roster limit back up.

They didn’t, we have like 95-96 on scholarship this fall.

Correct. There can still be super seniors next season (everybody who was on a roster in 2020 gets six years to play five), but they have to fit into the 85 limit for 2022 and beyond. Because we can’t be making ASWho and the other have-nots keep paying for more than 85 kids, y’know.

It will be very interesting to see who leaves for playing time somewhere else with this change. Our roster will likely look very different next year due to all the super seniors, the seniors, possible early NFL departures, and this waiver/ portal deal.

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