NCAA approves NLI payments for athletes

They had to or legislatures and Congress were going to do it for them. Details to be worked out hopefully by 2021.

Athletes to get paid

Athletes to be paid? Oh heavens to betsy. While the NCAA may legalize payments to athletes, but our beloved University of Arkansas better not engage in such torrid practices. Because muh tegrity!

I fear this is not good for what at one time was called intercollegiate sports, it has been big business now for a while but this shreads all concepts of amateurism. I predict it will get out of hand quickly.

Bruce Feldman



The NCAA’s top governing board voted unanimously to permit students participating in athletics the opportunity to benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.

The bold is key. What will that be?

Will the extra money be added to their scholarship money?

Why is amateurism worth preserving? The Olympics let go of it decades ago and no one cares. Athletic scholarships became a thing in the 50s and college sports rolled right along. This will be no different. It will be interesting to see what limits the NCAA puts on it. Too many limits and the legislatures/Congress will jump right back in.

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Why should there be limits? Johnny 5* offered $250K to sign a few footballs and pose for pictures at Jimmy Hayseed Subaru one Saturday in the offseason. Who is the victim here?

No, because that opens the Title IX can of worms. The money will come from outside the university.

Not if the women have the same opportunities to make money.

The NCAA will have to rewrite the rules numerous times because schools will find any loophole they can find. Lots of unintended consequences coming.

This is the federal government we’re talking about. If the money is coming through the schools, it ain’t just opportunity, it’s proportionality.

My problem is things like Cam Newton’s father asking 200 grand for his sons committment,
I realize I am old, but the idea of a young man, or woman, getting a college education on a scholarship is totally different from what we are about to see, I hope I am dead wrong.

Why is that a problem?

It is a problem because it indicates just how out of hand this could get.

Out of hand for who? What is out of hand?

Surely you are just playing, because it is not hard to see the impact on have and have not programs. Yes we have cheaters now, but when college athletics become a total meat auction the big money program will spend the rest into submission. At least now, there are some checks and balances with the NCAA even though they are biased and arbitrary for the most part. Greed and money will obviously change collegiate athletics and I am convinced most of the change will be bad. The superstars and the stars at the high profile programs will likely do well and the second team players at Prairie View and Valdosta State will still be in the same financial position as they are now, maybe worse.

While I am a big free market person, I think if the motivation is for the college athlete as a whole, then most likely a limited number would make out fine, but the others not so much.

Could it be bad? Sure it could. It could also be an improvement and an end to the vast hypocrisy of the last 55 years (ever since they came up with the “student-athlete” fiction in 1964 to avoid paying workers compensation). The NCAA is talking about some checks and balances on this, although again I think the lawmakers will step in if there are too many limits.

I’m not really concerned about haves and have nots. Too many schools in FBS anyway, and in D-I basketball. Most are not really competing for national championships in anything anyway; they’re just there to show their alums and potential students that we’re a Division I university,


Not playing at all.

  1. “The big money program will spend the rest into submission” — they already do. Should SEC schools share the money they get from the CBS contract and ESPN/SEC Network and share it with Valdosta and Prairie View or would you rather Arkansas upgrade their baseball facility to keep up with the demands of a top tier program?

  2. “There are some checks and balances with the NCAA” — that is exactly right. There are only so many football players you can have on scholarship. Guess what? Alabama and Prairie View ain’t going after the same kid.

I read these arguments against this and shake my head. Do you think Auburn has boosters that are going to want to fund every scholarship football and basketball player with endorsement deals? Big money boosters did not become big money boosters by giving away money willy nilly.

Phil Knight and Nike are going to buy every premier athlete and bring them to Eugene. I have read that before. How do you think Alabama is going to feel about that? You don’t think they would drop their contract with Nike in a heartbeat if they felt Nike was taking players away from them?

I absolutely think this helps Arkansas.

  1. Whatever we are doing in football and basketball is not working anyway.

  2. Name me another state, with a power 5 program in the state, no pro franchises in the state and no other in state competition. Off hand I cannot think of one.

We worship our athletes. The money making opportunities in Arkansas may very well outweigh other similar states/programs. Wouldn’t a baseball player be more likely to pick UA over another program because our state gives a damn about baseball and in turn Heston Kjerstad and Casey Martin now are more marketable to Jimmy Hayseed Subaru.

Nebraska. No big league franchises, UN-Omaha and Creighton are D-I but neither has football.

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Great call.

All major power 5 schools just benefited from this. We can’t compete now and this seals our fate for the future. Big schools will be able to say “come here because we are on TV more”. We will make you famous and you will sell 200 times more jerseys than you could at little old Arkansas. The big boys will laugh all the way to the bank because of this insane way to pay players. Goodbye Hog Football…RIP.