NCAA announces constitutional committee

Tasked with coming up with a new framework for the NCAA before November. The SEC rep is the president of Georgia. Four reps from the Power 5, plus the former president at A&M.

Depending on what they come up with, could be major or could be a whole lot of nuthin’. For instance the P5 could be turned loose basically to run their own show.

That’s the folks who are going to straighten out this mess? Goodness

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You are being real nice.

Well, at least Jeff Long or anyone from EOE-A aren’t on the committee.

This is no more than attempt to find a way to remain in control and enable the oxygen thieves to keep 6 figure incomes to continue in jobs they are unable to do! The NCAA head shed is full of folks that have been printed to positives of incompetence. Emmitt hasn’t been able to do anything but run his mouth and put out hot air.

Well, Army, they didn’t have to announce a constitutional revision. They could have ignored everything and stuck with the clearly-not-working status quo. I think they’re seriously afraid that the Power Five (or Six in basketball) will take their ball and tell the NCAA to take a hike, which would blow up March Madness and the CWS, among others,

Let’s see what they come up with. They may actually address some of the problems. Or they may not. Cynicism is certainly warranted where the NCAA is concerned, but I give them a small number of points for at least appearing to make an effort at reform. They’ve never gone this far before.

Looks like the same kind of committee that decided to let Auburn play their $160,000 QB the week of the Arkansas game because his church leading father took the money and not him.

I like your take on this. Oxygen thieves, good one.

Same mentality or lack of.

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