NCAA actually talking about paying players?

According to this, yes. They see where things are going. The toothpaste is out of the tube on limiting how much athletes can receive and it isn’t going back. They’re not going to pay athletes as employees, because that creates all kinds of issues with workers comp and Title IX and other issues of employment law. But they can open the door to outside payments, which is what is happening now under the table (the hoops trial, for instance), paying athletes for autographs or writing a blog or endorsing a local company or even running their own business. They’ll have to put some restrictions on that (no gamblers for instance), but too many restrictions would open another legal can of worms.

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But that will disrupt competitive balance and send athletes to the schools with the most money, right?

My answer to that is, what competitive balance? How many schools really have a chance to win the CFP next year? Two. Clemson and Alabama. There could not be any less competitive balance than there is now. Basketball isn’t much better. At least if they make outside payments legal, Walmart and Tyson could help us out and we’d have a chance to compete with Bama. Right now, we don’t. And if we don’t want to pony up, then what are we doing anyway?

When I was in about the tenth grade, the University of Washington had a great player named Hugh Mcahanney sic,
who had just signed an NFL contract and was asked what would be the big difference in college and pro ball and he said, “the pay cut”

The NFL in those days paid like 8,000 a year but the truth is some players have always been paid in collegiate ball and some nowdays do well.

I didn’t read the link yet but,
So then the scholarship contract to players would have to be vastly reworded and about 25 pages added to it with the outside payment guidelines and rules/restrictions and such.
I’m sure it will be loaded with grey areas.

When would such payments (minimum) begin, on the day of signing LOI or 1st practice I would assume?
Are Payment tier levels based on playing time, starter, 1st backup, 2nd backup, etc. and/or class level-frosh, soph, jr, sr, redshirt frosh, soph, jr, sr?
What about redshirting players-either as 1st year freshmen, medical hardship, or transfer?

Only for P-5 or all Div-1 schools?

Transfer portal may really stay full up every year.

I’m all for it.

I think it could be very beneficial for a school like Arkansas.

I am all for it because it ends what I have always seen as blatant hypocrisy.

I have always said that if a music major can take any gig they want (singing for a church, playing in a local orchestra, playing or singing at weddings, teaching lessons…you name it) its nuts denying athletes the right to make some money as well.

I understand the fear that is tilts competitive balance. But as Swine says, they IS NO competitive balance right now.

This will be a more honest system. Might actually help the Hogs. But above all it makes our current system of collegiate athletics a more honest one.

What is likely to happen is that each conference will pass its own guidelines. However, if the Big Ten decided to be more restrictive than the SEC ir ACC, it would suffer in recruiting. With payments coming from outside, players could negotiate with sponsors or whatever. Star players would have the most leverage, benchwarmers might not have any. Which makes sense. Also, outside payments avoid Title IX issues, although certainly there might be opportunities for star female athletes as well.

The header I put on this thread is a misnomer really. The NCAA’s not going to pay players. Neither are the schools, directly. But they would allow players to get paid from outside without losing eligibility. The shoe company shenanigans we’ve seen in the hoops trial would no longer be NCAA violations and thus it could happen out in the open.

May or may not level the competitive field.
Great if it’s limited to paying players once they are signed & on campus and strictly monitored. However I see this turning into recruiting bidding wars for the top recruits.
Like those shoe company shenanigans start while the kids are still in HS and on the AAU circuit

Hopefully it’s enforced as paying the “players” once they are on campus and doesn’t get stretched to paying “recruits”.