NC year we lost 3 games

And they were to the Tide, Miss. St, and Ky. I think, all 3 road games.
95 We lost 7 games and came up 1 game short.

So at 12-3 what say you??

It doesn’t look like a NC team. At least 94 and 95 looked like it

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Gentry is spot on. We don’t have a go to scorer/shooter right now (Smith) that we desperately need. Pinion got one shot last night and that was it. Maybe we need to call more plays with screens for him to get some looks? Another thing about those 95/95 teams….they had experience that this team doesn’t. I’m proud and hopeful for this team, but I don’t see final 4 unless Nick gets back healthy.


Yep, if your going to send Pinion to the corner and have him stand there don’t put him in the game, on the other hand if we run some sets and make him a threat it might make some difference. WPS


It’s always the play calling.

Good point standing in the corner will not get you open, but when the defense is in a zone you should have just a little space to catch and shoot. Or if you pull them out far enough you should be able to exploit the zone. Just my thoughts…

I want to see what Muss can do because talent on team is still better than it has been. If NS makes it back so much the better.

Early in year our size and skill on defense was a big advantage. Now we are seeing more of the same and it levels out things.

I think we win last night if someone steps up and helps AB down the stretch. Ten points is a lot to make up but he was getting his points to keep it at that spread by himself. AB had a great second half and he will likely build on that going forward.

Going four plus minutes without scoring is that ten point differential. Muss is not happy but I think I am.

I will say going forward in future, Muss needs to have a certified zone buster like Nolan had with the Pat Bradly AKA Shootah.


AB had two massive drive dunks from near top of key last night . Still thinking about that this morning as true freshmen on road playing a team looking for payback. Both looked similar to the SI page showing Sidney Moncrief’s jam. Both got up in air and it was not going to be blocked. AB is a keeper.


It’s just a shame we do not have NS (IMO we need to move on, period)

Having said that AB and others–the draft will just wipe us out again.

IMO it will be hard to make that Elite Eight again.

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Well, against Missouri, two of Pinion’s three 3s came for the corner. And he spent majority of his time in the corner. But it worked out against Missouri because I am guessing Missouri did not have a scouting report on Pinion and paid no attention to him. Auburn did. Muss knows what he is doing.

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Not saying Muss doesn’t know what he’s doing, just saying we have to be able to disrupt the zone some how. The scouting report clearly caught up to Pinion, What’s our next move?? We need his shots he has to get some space some how. Also auburn tried to exploit him on the defensive end,

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Fair point. I have never been one to assume Coach is always right. But I thought Muss used him correctly against Missouri. And as you said he got exploited on defense against Auburn and Muss gave up on him. I agree with you that Pinion being the only legit shooter on this team, Muss needs to come up with ways to get him open. I bet he is scheming that as we speak.

Also wonder if there is more to Pinion’s game than being a spot up shooter. Never took the time to see him play in high school.

Standing in the corner is exactly what worked against Misery, moving their zone toward the baseline so that RC4 had some room to operate. But he has to make a couple of shots while he’s out there.

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Early in in the season, I thought we would struggle moving into SEC play and this was before we lost NSJ and TB. I just felt the youth and new transfer players would take some time to really gel in SEC play. I think this team can still be very competitive. IV and Walsh will really have to step up for this team to make a deep run. They both have the potential so I am hopeful.

I would add the NC had a lot of scoring options. You CB didn’t score much but he could if you sagged off him. CM could get hot on any night and drill some 3’s. DS could as well. And we all know what CW and ST could do. Our bench could score as well. This team, without NSJ and TB, just don’t have the same scoring ability.


The Kentucky loss was in the SECT

the other two were true road games

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Very few teams can afford the loss of two of their top three offensive players. The loss of TB and NS are devastating. Can’t be overlooked. As CEM previously stated, the team’s offense which was developed and practiced during the entire offseason needs to be replaced with the loss of TB and NS. It’s going to be ugly for awhile before it gets better for these Hogs.
UA…Campus of Champions

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With what we have witnessed through 3 conference games I’d say this team will continue to have a difficult time winning any of its road games and have to scratch and claw out home wins as what happened against Missouri.
So, if the intent of this post was to compare this team being 12-3 and having two early SEC losses with the 94/95 teams two SEC regular season losses then I’d say that’s not a good comparison.
Without TB and NSJ this team is going to struggle to score especially against a zone defense and all of the SEC knows it. So, we will see a lot of zone defense for the rest of this season.
Don’t know if TB and NJS staying injury free and available would have made this team comparable to the 94/95 team, but without them any comparison to the NC team doesn’t exist.
This team will likely end up loosing somewhere between 5-7 more conference games and the Baylor game which means we will go from a 3 seed projection to an 7-9 seed and possible bubble watch team in March.

By a total of 3 points.

If this team could ever hit their Free Throws, it would change things. They basically gave the game away at the FT line, despite playing poorly. JMO

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NCAA Tournament: 34 Years (48-34), 6 Final Fours, 1 Championship

NCAA Champion: 1994

Comparing the W’s and L’s, makes no difference if it’s 1 point or 21, or 31 points. A W is a W & L is a L. Doesn’t matter who played, who broke their little finger, arm, neck or got run over by a truck. A W is still a W…