NC State swept by Norteastern

Big bad wolfpack got swept by NE who was 3-5 entering the series,NC state scored 6 runs the whole series(after ave double digits all yr) and now has lost 4 in a row(lost to Campbell before this series) so we not the only ones not quite clicking on all cylinders yet.

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And the defending NCs are 6-5 and trailing Tulane in the deciding game of their series in New Orleans. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of mangy curs.

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Yeah they blew a huge lead yesterday and lost to the Green Wave. And did lose today 5-4 to them.

Oklahoma State was swept by Gonzaga yesterday in Stillwater. I know people are frustrated Arkansas isn’t sweeping teams (although sweeps are rare; see the 2018 Razorbacks’ schedule for proof), but the Razorbacks are winning series against good mid-major teams while some other highly ranked teams are not. There is something to be said for that.

Yeah I think the frustration is we’re not hitting SEC caliber pitching but I understand the weather has cost us quite a bit of runs. I think what’s the weather warms up and the wind stops blowing in like it has we will pick up on our offense

Love Baum-Walker, but I wish they’d built it where home plate was at the southwest corner so that the prevailing wind is out to left.

I’ve never thought there was one prevailing wind at Baum. In the first half of the season you get a north wind a lot that will blow some fly balls out of the park. I’d like to think the north winds disappear after February, but there are some cold nights into early May. Mother’s Day Weekend always seems to be that way. The LSU series in May 2019 was cold.

There are south and southwest winds later in the year. South winds pretty much blow straight in from the outfield. A southwest wind is typically what you see by regionals. It blows foul pole to foul pole and can aid some homers to left field, but it can also push some balls hit that direction foul.

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