NC State at Arkansas Super regional final

It’s 90 baseball degrees at beautiful
. Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:
. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball #RoadToOmaha

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Their pitcher stats 4.97 ERA 79 IP 77 hits 68 K 25 BB .give up 12 HR. He’s been roughed up quite a bit,just hope we can do what others have done to him…

KK just pretend you’re coming in like normal, keep the ball down and do what you’ve done all yr.

Franklin fouling off several lately may be a sign he’s seeing it better, would love for him to have a Great day.

The hogs just need to avoid taking rips at the pitch up out of the strike zone! Use some patience and get a pitch to drive.

It’s his last game at Baum just like a few others, I imagine we will see their best for whatever it’s worth.

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They will certainly be trying to go out in style for sure.

Well I’m not gonna lie I’m nervous….

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Hate to see kk falling behind hitters

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They are gonna make him use up his arm…

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His pitches are up quite a bit.

That long out was well hit

21 pitches too many will have to get sharper, let’s go offense!!


Maybe he will settle in after an inning or two. Sometimes, he gets stronger.

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We need some quick outs in the next innings.


21 pitches in 2 innings yesterday - 21 pitches in 1 inning today.

Gotta jump on them early with some runs to make them chase us in our home field.

Typical Goodheart AB.

We just take too many pitches!

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3 up 3 down as usual!! guys you better get used to seeing the curveball but that’s all you’re going to see!!!