NC State 1, Hogs 0 at halftime

Wolfpack scored in the 18th minute. Best UA chance was a hard shot by Kaelee Van Gundy that forced a nice save by the NCS keeper.

Hogs look undermanned against NC State thus far. Gotta give it to the ACC…tough conference.

Colby Hale’s style leaves some openings at the back and that’s burned us from time to time in the regular season. The NCS goal today was not the result of one of those breakdowns, but we run that risk frequently with the 3-4-3 lineup Colby uses and the way we push Van Fossen and others forward into attack.

I covered the NCAA match with VTech last year. We had more of the play then too, but the Hokie GK stood on her head a few times and Tech finally poked one home in the second OT.

State scored again in the 48th minute. We be in trouble

Revenge of the State of North Carolina.

really lucky not be down 3-0, NCAA round 2 history for AR looks to repeat unless we find another gear.

ACC soccer is a lot like SEC football. The mid-level teams are sometimes better than the top teams from other conferences. NC State looked like a really sound team to me.

they did make us look like we were inferior and impatient. No sustainable momentum and attack mode and their forwards got lots of dangerous looks with their skill. We often needed to settle the ball which lost advantage then and had less jump to get to 50-50 balls that NCS won. I am going to miss our goalie and doubt we have an equal ready for next year.

Refs gave us the chance to play aggressive and held the whistle on what were often fouls during the regular season. Too little and too late for the really nice rally we finally put together. We had chances but apparently BYU at home is likely to run this all the way to national final four whether we had won or whether NCS had won. Ball was on our foot last shot with our best scorer so that is as best as can be hoped for in those circumstances and flow of that game

I grew up in the Rockies. That altitude has the ability to cut you down. Sure it’s the same for both teams, but it favors a finesse or conservative team. We seemed to have no legs today. I can only imagine how it favors BYU.