NC ST now 2-0

Shut out Vandy 1-0. Beat 3 Top 8 seeds. Maybe our bats weren’t as bad as we thought in our last 2 games. NC ST is on fire here at the end of the season.


Also, as stated during tonight’s game, they now have more wins over ranked teams than any team other than Arkansas.

If someone has to win this thing, it might as well be the Wolfpack. I think they are the only team in the country that was good enough to come into our house and win a series this year.

All about playing your best at the end and they are. They got a tremendous amount of confidence coming into Baum and beating us.I still can’t believe they did but got to hit to win and they did and we didn’t

NCST are a lot better than their ranking and have a good coach obviously.
Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they win it.

They got better when they took their best pitcher out of starting rotation and made the closer.

And their freshmen pitchers are stepping up at the right time of the year. They also have 5 or 6 players in lineup with ten or more home runs so they have some power too. The NCS fan base was in attendance last night which helped them with momentum. If Omaha fans embrace them like we did with NJIT , they will be a very tuff out. Good game with Vandy last night–both pitchers were on.

Vandy loss… good.

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Really the difference between NCST and the Hogs were that their freshmen pitchers took the next step and we never had another pitcher step forward outside of Wick and Kopps.

Or you could argue their hitters out hit ours.


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