Top 20 Freshman Prospects (Gafford)

"18. Daniel Gafford – Arkansas – Freshman – 6’11” – 235lbs
PPG: 12.4, APG: 0.8, RPG: 5.9, FG%: 69.2, 3P%: 00.0, FT%: 62.5

Gafford is a bit of a late bloomer. He didn’t come in as a highly decorated recruit, but could pass up a number of the guys above him on this list, in time. He’s very long and active and despite being thin, battles for position and rebounds. If he gets an angle to the basket, plays generally end up in dunks as he’s got quick explosiveness to the rim and long arms. He still has a ways to go with his offense game and will need to polish his shooting and extend his range. The majority of his offense comes on dunks and put backs, however he does show potential as a scorer. Gafford is in the mold of a Taj Gibson with his wiry athleticism and speed. He’s probably a year away from being a sure fire first rounder, and would benefit from a second year of grooming in the college game. "

I concur. One more year on The Hill and the world will be his oyster. He’ll make Bobby look like a pauper.

Response: one thing for certain , up to this point within the season his play as a 4* freshman is night and day difference from Portis who came to us as a 5*. Of course Portis came on strongly during his sophomore season and played to being selected 1st round NBA. I don’t know whether he will stay for another season I guess we will have to wait and see

I don’t know if Gafford will go or stay. If he can improve enough to be a top 10 draft choice; not likely, I would advise him to go and I believe he would. If he is not in the top 20, I would advise him to stay for another year.