predicts Kingsley to Celtics in 2nd Round

That will be the #53 pick. Someone can post the link. I had difficulty doing that from my iPhone.

Here you go.

Interesting, I hadn’t checked theirs in a while. For reference, neither DraftExpress or ESPN have Kingsley among their top 100 prospects and haven’t since early in the year. I consider both of those to be much better gauges than, DE because of the amount of scouting they put into it and ESPN because of front-office connections. Not getting a combine invite and either not getting an invite or choosing not to go to the Portsmouth Invitational don’t bode well for Moses.

But obviously all it takes is one team to like you. Maybe that happens for him.

I believe the workout he had with the Celtics last year played a role in picks.

Yeah, could be. And Boston has 3 second-round picks, so maybe they it works out for him. They could use rim protection.

Maybe, but that site has had Mo in that pick range for months now. As Jimmy said, they’ve been the only site to have him there. Pulling for Mo.

I really really wish Mo would go to San Antonio. He seems like a good fit for Coach Pop.

I doubt he gets drafted anywhere, but I agree he seems like a fit for Pop.

Comments: Jimmy I’ve always felt Mo has the skill set to play at the next level. And if it’s Boston a great fit for both parties. In addition Mike can say he coached another Big now playing in the NBA

I wish nothing but the best for MK he was very good for the Hogs and had some outstanding games for us. It’s hard to say how he will do in the draft because of his playing very well at times to being a non factor at other, wished he had another year of college ball to grow his game more. He will be a progect wherever he goes, but has a lot of upside but will need time to develope more to reach his full potential I think. WPD