NBA to look at one-and-done outside CBA

Which needs to happen IMO. However, don’t think for a second that The Kentucky Squid will be disadvantaged in any way if they go to two-and-through. He’ll keep shoveling the same load of manure he does now, that he’s the one to get you to the Show whenever you’re eligible to go there. I would really prefer the baseball rule, but the NBA doesn’t want to go there.

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Needs to be in place the time Reggie Perry arrives as far as Arkansas is concerned.

Needs to be in place the time Reggie Perry arrives as far as Arkansas is concerned.

It will have no bearing on us. It may effect camp Cal. He will just sign the ones he wants and send out players in his program and tell him he does not have room for them any longer. Kids better start looking at where most of these one and dones end up! NBA D league. I wish Portis would have came back for one more year.
A spoiled athlete that goes to Kentucky has no obvious advantage other than the hype of found to Kentucky. Too bad these kids form Arkansas lake the hate I have for Kentucky and coach grease ball Cal.

Bobby was a 2 and done, not a 1 and done.

I don’t agree that it won’t effect Arkansas because of the talent they have coming in.

I don’t think some realize how good these kids are now and have the potential to be - especially Reggie Perry.

When will KY admin/fans hold Cal accountable?..No 1 class year after year yet only 1 NC and not likely will win it this year either.

How long will they be happy with great recruiting classes but sweet16/elite 8 results?

Elite talent entices elite talent. Most recruits are very familiar with one another through AAU play and know what their future teamates are capable of.

If this team can make the Tourney and win 2 games in the big dance a 25 win 9seed Arkansas team can be made to be more attractive than a 30+ win 3 seed that exits early in the first round because of the constant referencing of the University of Arkansas by name not just regional broadvast but National pundits CBS/ESPN.

As far as Kentucky is concerned not winning the SEC Tourney could be devastating to the psychy of a starting lineup full of Freshman expected to compete in final 4’s. The hype is unassailable by the fanbase but Cal will be their until his son graduate’s. (3 more yrs)