NBA thread

I know there are a few NBA fans on here and there are several Razorbacks in the league, so I figured I’d start a thread. I’m about as big an NBA fan as it gets and this early season has been fascinating. The most interesting stuff, to me:

— I’m a die-hard Thunder fan, so watching them try to mesh is really interesting. Billy has cooked up some nice sets, but they still devolve into iso, mid-range stretches a lot, especially with Melo. Would be nice if they could get one more piece. Not sure if Russ is 100 percent after having a knee procedure.

— Porzingis! I don’t think the Knicks or him can keep this up, but he has been just unbelievable. So fun to watch. Playing with them in my 2k18 franchise haha. Ntilikina looks like he will be good, too.

— The constant Cavs drama. Bunch of old guys who are either banged up or don’t want to play defense. Or both. Will be interesting to see if they can make any moves.

— Kyrie leading the team while Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown impress and keep Boston not only afloat but at the top of the East has been really impressive. I definitely didn’t think Jayson would be this good, especially not this fast. It’s early, but that trade with Philly looks pretty good right now.

— The Fultz drama and Embiid effect in Philly. If Joel can stay healthy, I think they make the playoffs. Ben Simmons has been really, really good. If he ever gets a jumper…

— Giannis is a freak. Hopefully Jabari can be the No. 2 option they need and elevate this team into semi-contender status in the East.

— The early season parity has been fun. You have to bet on LeBron until proven otherwise and the Warriors have been sleepwalking a bit, but there has been solid competition across the league.

Thanks for this. Some things I have been thinking about and looking forward to.

Why are the Nike NBA jerseys made of Kleenex?

Portis will be back soon.

Has Cleveland been so bad, Rose especially, that they give up the Brooklyn pick for Bledsoe? I doubt it, but it all depends on what Lebron wants. Their defense is a joke.

If they could do it over, would Philly make the trade for the first pick? Another way to look at it, with what we know now, what would the top five picks of the draft be? Tatum, Smith Jr, Kouzma (I kid, I kid)…

[color=#00FFFF]*** Homer alert ***[/color] Once Nic Batum gets back (Nov 15) does Jeremy Lamb, (who is having a great year) move to the bench? How much back up point does Batum play? Is Michael Carter-Williams now 3rd string PG as Monk is slowly but surely showing some play making ability? Is Steve Clifford really the Dwight Howard whisperer? What in heck is going on with MKG? Is Kemba Walker really the most underrated player in the NBA?

Is the chip on John Wall’s shoulder really bigger than Patrick Beverley’s?

Giannis is only 22. WTH is he going to be like once he is 27?

Do the Sixers really have two guys shooting with the wrong hand?

:roll: :roll: :roll: Sorry Jimmy but this is a Razorback Basketball Board and not one mention of any Razorback ex players. This could be posted somewhere else…Guess you can tell I am not a big NBA fan. The more they want to use their sport as a political platform the less I like them…The Warriors can stick it. JMO

Portis’ suspension is over and the Bulls play tonight in Toronto. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that he’ll get minutes both at the 4 and 5 tonight. Then they have to figure out how to handle it when Mirotic comes back from his broken face.

Spurs are treading water without Kawhi and Parker and still only 1.5 games back in the West.

Boy, losing Hayward really crippled the Celtics huh?

Labb, hate to break it to you, but the toothpaste is out of the tube on athletes making themselves heard politically and it’s not going back in. They’ve discovered that they can get people to pay attention.

Key phrase in BOLD. Notice I left a word out

You’ve lost me here. Pay what? Certainly there is no financial benefit to them for kneeling, linking arms or whatever, and Kaepernick evidently paid for his protests with the end of his NFL career.

You may want to look again. Kap’s still getting paid, so are many others. His increase in jersey sales alone could let us live the rest of our lives. He gave a whole .1% of his income, to each charity (5% of his total income). He’s not hurting, and remember he lost his starting position on the 49rs before he ever knelt (or sat). If he can’t start for them I don’t think he could start for anyone. He wants starting pay to be a backup. Was never what he claimed the protest was about. It was about him staying relevant and getting paid, at the expense of those he claimed to be supporting.

Let’s not hijack the thread with political/social debate.

Sorry, back on topic, have you figured out the flagrant on Melo, yet?


Really interesting lineups. The Bucks have been a little disappointing so far even though Giannis has been great, so I like them going for it. Getting Bled without giving up a core rotation piece was huge.

I kind of think the Bulls will choose Portis if they can find someone to take Mirotic. Problem is they might have to attach an asset to move either. These games before Nikola is healthy are big for Bobby. Low-key, the whole thing worked in a positive way because it allowed them to start Markkanen from day one. He and LaVine are easily their two best pieces.

Spurs are incredible. They limit mistakes and play so well as a collective. Good friend of mine is a Spurs diehard and he is worried about Kawhi since they’ve been pretty hush hush about his timetable.

Brad Stevens is great. Can’t accuse Kyrie of being nothing but an iso player anymore.

Didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Like Billy said, I’ve never seen someone get an and-1 and be ejected. You’re supposed to go into a shot blocker. Would’ve been fine if it was a flagrant 1.

Maybe the whole thing will draw them closer. Not shocked there have been early season hiccups, but when avoiding a 4 or 5 seed is so important, even early season losses are potentially huge.

Me and my son has discussed this several times. I think Mirotic and BP May have screwed up. Kid has talent. Not sure, if this fight hadn’t happened, that Markkanen would be playing as much. I think you’re correct Bobby over Mirotic, Mirotic has some trade value.

ESPN released its first top 100 for the 2018 draft yesterday. Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmidt, formerly of DraftExpress, are their analysts now. I think they’re the best in the business and was kinda sad to see them make the move. But anyways, some notable guys for Arkansas:

  1. Michael Porter Jr.\tSF/PF\tMissouri\t19.3\t6-10\t7-0
  2. Miles Bridges\tSF/PF\tMichigan St\t19.6\t6-6\t6-9
  3. Robert Williams\tPF/C\tTexas A&M\t20.0\t6-9\t7-5½
  4. Collin Sexton\tPG\tAlabama\t18.8\t6-2\t6-7
  5. Jaren Jackson Jr.\tPF/C\tMichigan St\t18.1\t6-10\t7-4
  6. Kevin Knox\tSF/PF\tKentucky\t18.2\t6-9\t7-0
  7. Hamidou Diallo\tSG\tKentucky\t19.2\t6-5\t7-0
  8. Nick Richards\tC\tKentucky\t19.9\t6-11\t7-5
  9. Austin Wiley\tC\tAuburn\t18.8\t6-11\t7-5
  10. PJ Washington\tPF\tKentucky\t19.2\t6-8\t7-3
  11. Jarred Vanderbilt\tSF\tKentucky\t18.5\t6-8\t7-1
  12. Lamar Peters\tPG\tMississippi St.\t19.3\t6-0\tN/A
  13. Sacha Killeya-Jones\tPF\tKentucky\t19.2\t6-11\t7-2
  14. Terence Davis\tSG\tMississippi\t20.4\t6-4\tN/A
  15. Donta Hall\tPF/C\tAlabama\t20.2\t6-9\t7-4
  16. Aric Holman\tPF/C\tMississippi St.\t20.3\t6-10\tN/A
  17. Jeffrey Carroll\tSF\tOklahoma St\t22.9\t6-6\t6-6½
  18. Theo Pinson\tSF\tNorth Carolina\t22.0\t6-6\t6-11

Obviously a few of those guys may not be available.

Bobby with a big season debut, tonight–21 and 13. Mirotic still mad. I’ve honestly never seen a 10 & 5 guy draw such a line in the sand. Seems like it may backfire. I’ve never seen a front office that likes being told how to handle things–particularly by a fairly average player.

Yep, killed my fantasy team, picked Markkanen instead. Although Lillard, Melo, and Paul George didn’t play up to their norms either

Cleveland has two players that can defend - James and Crowder. They are horrific defensively in the backcourt, and Thomas will make that worse, even if he’s 100% when he returns.

Boston has a really nice starting lineup with high skill. Stevens seems to be able to cobble a good defense out of any roster. Their weakness is depth. I wonder if Brown and Tatum will look this good by May when they start to wear down.

The East is so weak. If Atlanta had resigned Millsap and gotten a legit NBA offensive SG, I think they could have challenged for the Finals. Instead, they decided to tank this season. I’m not sure Lebron can get to the Finals with this roster. ATL won at Cleveland and had their chances against Boston in back-to-back games when they have two positions without a legit starter on the roster and four rotation players injured. At least watching the NBA has zero frustration this season since I have no expectations.

Boston - like Winter - is coming.

Might not be this year with Gordon hurt, but we’re getting close.

What’s wrong with Horford, just saw he ain’t playing tonight.