NBA Summer League note

According to RealGM’s stats database as quoted in’s Vegas Summer League coverage, Business Decision Goodwin is within 19 points of becoming the all-time Summer League scoring leader. This is not a good distinction to have; it means he can’t get off the NBA fringe, or sometimes even on the fringe. BD is playing for the Portland team in Vegas this year.

Breaks my heart…

Who is this guy to us?

HE’s from Arkansas and no matter what team he chose to play with, I’d rather he succeed and build up his financial needs because he doesn’t have an education or trade to fall back on.

He means less than nothing to me. Maybe some Gator will give him a helping hand.
As I understand it, he chose to use his talent to defeat our Razorbacks rather than
seek to help lift our program and instead he made the decision-twice- to help improve
the Gators. A foe, not a friend. He made the choice.

Uh, Business Decision went to Kentucky. KeVaughn Allen is the Gator, and he’s still there.

Confused am I. Thanks for correcting. I usually look something like
this up, but being lazy bit me.
My feelings are, of course, the same regardless of the nasty bunch
the said player went to. As I recall there was much less rancor over
Allen because of the more mature manner in which he handled his
choice. Allen would have been deeply loved and likely a great help
to our Hogs in the last several years. As it is, I will be glad when he
moves on and fades into the vast hole of forgotten names with no
meaning or value to our Arkansas Razorbacks. Gone and forgotten.


Comments: all were products of North Little Rock High, you got to wonder where that encouragement came from? I remember reading Archie saying it was a business decision to go to Kentucky. So much for that notion I believe Mike beat Kentucky in his first season with Powell, of course that wasn’t there only lost i think they end up in post season play in the NIT losing in the first round. I remember reading on the Kentucky Heralds website all of their players that didn’t graduate were returning to redeem theirselves, although Cal told Archie he did not have a scholarship forcing him to go in the draft, and it appears he is still playing in the development league, with the chance a team may call him up bottom line he is still getting a paycheck, Allen is a whole different sort he didn’t want to have anything to do with Arkansas

Goodwin went to Sylvan Hills.

Okay, It’s still part of NLR I always thought the coach was behind or steering them elsewhere, so much for that thought, then as it relates to Goodwin it was a business decision, it’s been a long time since I lived in central Arkansas, I clearly forgot about Sylvan Hills

If NLR head coach Johnny Rice were to push someone somewhere, it would be to Arkansas.

But he doesn’t push his kids anywhere.

All three of the high profile kids that went to Kentucky or Florida had guidance from outside of their high school programs.

I believe they were introduced to a Mr. Bag Man, thus the business decision they all made.